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Mount Wutai International Tourist Month

For two millennia Mount Wutai, one of China's four sacred mountains, has welcomed countless monks, lamas and even emperors to its holy grounds. In the sixth lunar month of every year slightly lesser mortals can witness for themselves the grand Buddhist rituals that take place on this ancient site.
During the International Tour Month, visitors are invited to join the trail of holy pilgrims and go to China's only mountain where both Chinese Buddhism and Tibetan Lamaism are practiced harmoniously. There are also spectacular views to enjoy.

Situated in the north-east of Wutai County in Shanxi Province, Wutai is the highest mountain in northern China, rising 3058 metres above sea level. It is actually a range of five peaks, one each in the north, east, south, west and centre, which all disappear picturesquely into the clouds. Wutai actually means "the five platforms", as the peaks are supposed to look like the five platforms of Earth. Fortunately the best time to visit is the only time that you can - in the summer, when the temperature is cool and pleasant.

The mountain acquired its reputation as one of China's most holy sites after Munjusri, the Boddhisattva of Wisdom, once lived here and taught Buddhism. As the most valued minister of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, he drew various emperors to the mountain in pursuit of worship, thus significantly adding to the peak's prestige. Certainly out of the four principal holy mountains, Wutai has the largest number of temples and monks and the longest history of Buddhist temples. During this time it is also a key venue for horse and mule trading, which can make for fascinating viewing.
Mount Wutai International Tourist Month
Date:25 Jul - 25 Aug 2007
City:Mount Wutai, China
Venue:Mount Wutai
Address:Mount Wutai, China
Contact Phone: