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Xian Ancient Culture Festival

Always a favourite with foreigners, beautiful Xi'an adds some fine traditional dance, music, song and opera to its formidable list of attractions for this festival. The Ancient Culture Festival celebrates traditions that originate back in the mists of the past 4000 years - at the very dawn of Chinese civilisation.
Featuring a lantern show on the Ming-period city walls during the evening, the festival provides plenty of folk-culture entertainment during the day. Xi'an has ten different forms of local opera for a start! Drum dancing, art, music and dance are all on the menu, along with some tasty snacks. This event began in 1986, showing a new tolerance of ethnic minorities by the Chinese Communist Party, somewhat tempered by the new respect for tourist dollars!

Nonetheless, Xi'an is a must-see destination for any traveller to China. From 1000 BC to 1000 AD it served as the imperial capital for 11 dynasties, and its famous landmarks are a fascinating history lesson. The highlight for most people is the underground Terracotta Army, just north of Xi'an. Vault one alone contains 1000 figures of solidiers, each with individual facial expressions, dating from the last centuries BC and only discovered in 1974. The Banpo Museum is the excavated site of a Neolithic village - confirming Xi'an as among the oldest cities in the world.
Xian Ancient Culture Festival
Date:Sep 2007 (annual)
Time:All day
Address:Xian, China
Contact Phone: