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Seven Sisters Festival

The Seven Sisters Festival for unmarried girls and young lovers can be traced back to 740BC. Although not as necessary for encouraging marriage in a modern world, it is still a major date in the Chinese calendar and a spectacular event in Hong Kong. The proceedings find a focal point at Lovers' Rock in Wan Chai, but there are celebrations everywhere.
The festival derives from the story of a lonely weaver girl, the youngest of six sisters, who wove for her father, the Heavenly Emperor Yuk Wong. He took pity on her and let her marry a cowherd across the Milky Way, but following the union she neglected her duties to such an extent that the infuriated Emperor banned her from seeing her husband - except on the seventh day of the seventh moon.

Some of the rituals of the festival include needle-threading competitions and burning toiletries in seven sets to represent the seven sisters. As part of the worship, young women make offerings to the night sky and the two stars that represent the cowherder and the maid. In former times, anxious mothers paid for their daughter's expenses in observing the rituals. Now women are more independent in many respects and the festival does not hold this urgency.

Other Dates
26 Aug 2009 (various dates)
7 Aug 2008 (various dates)
Seven Sisters Festival
Date:19 Aug 2007
Venue:Lovers' Rock, Hong Kong Island, China
Address:Lovers' Rock,Bowen Rd, Wan Chai
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