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China International Diving, Salvage & Offshore Equipment Exhibition 2015

 "Technology Innovation for Deep Blue” is the theme for the China International Diving, Salvage & Offshore Equipment Exhibition 2015 (DSOI 2015). This event will be held during November 5-7 in Xiamen international conference and exhibition center, China. It is an international professional exhibition, which will attract abundant representatives of well-known organizations and enterprises from more than 50 countries and regions all over the world.

DSOI 2015 (former DSOS) contains three exhibition areas, which covers all of the aspects in the research field of marine diving salvage technology.

- Equipment and fittings area (rescue and salvage equipment, equipment and supplies, diving apparatus and equipment, underwater operation tools and instruments, water sightseeing and recreational scuba diving);

- Technical service area (diving and underwater operation services, marine oil and gas platform service, diving, ports and security services);

- Service area (education and training, medical and health care, legal services).

The Diving, Salvage & Offshore Equipment Exhibition aims at integrating global diving salvage and ocean engineering global think-tanks and will highlight the huge role of four platforms, including: Market matchmaking platform, domestic and international market matchmaking, connection industry upstream and downstream production and related equipment.

China International Diving, Salvage & Offshore Equipment Exhibition 2015
Date:5th-7th Nov. 2015
Venue:Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center
Address:No.198, Huizhan Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Contact Phone:+86-411-8479 9609 / 9629