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7th Xiamen-Kinmen Cross-strait Swimming Race

 The 7th Xiamen-Kinmen Cross-strait Swimming Race is scheduled to kick off in Xiamen on August 1, with 200 competitors from the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan taking part in the annual swimming relay race.

The swimmers will set out from Yefengzhai Rescue Command Center Beach in Xiamen, swim across the open water and arrive at the Xiaojinmen Island on Shuangkou Beach. The entire route will be 7,000 meters.

With the competitors' ages ranging from 14 to 55, the relay event aims to strengthen cross-Straits ties through sport and healthy competition. The competitors will be divided into 100 teams of 2, belonging to Man A Group, Man B Group, and Woman A Group, including 60 teams composed of 120 members from the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao, as well as 40 teams consisting of 80 Taiwan members. The first 20 competitors from Man Group and Woman Group to cross the finish line will be issued prizes ranging from 1,000 yuan to 25,000 yuan.

7th Xiamen-Kinmen Cross-strait Swimming Race
Date:1st August, 2015
Venue:Yefengzhai Rescue Command Center Beach
Address:Yefengzhai Rescue Command Center Beach, Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Contact Phone: