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Chinese Moon Festival

Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, China's Moon Festival is celebrated around town and especially in people's homes. Traditionally it marks the end of the harvest season.
The festival is marked by the making and eating of "moon cakes" - round pastries filled with sweet fillings. In Shanghai, the favourite filling is a red bean paste. Houses are decorated with coloured animal-shaped paper lanterns and altars are piled with round fruits to symbolise the shape of the moon. The evening is spent moon-gazing and enjoying the company of family, before enjoying a feast at midnight.

The story of the moon cakes dates back to the Yuan dynasty (AD 1280-1368) when China was ruled by Mongolia. In an attempt to bring about a rebellion and knowing that the Moon Festival was imminent, rebel leaders ordered the baking of special cakes. Hidden inside each one was a message with details of the planned attack. The rebels were successful and went on to establish the Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644).
Chinese Moon Festival
Date:25 Sep 2007 (annual)
City:Shanghai, China
Venue:Shanghai, China
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