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Suzhou Silk Festival

The ancient city of Suzhou is the silk capital of a country famed for its production of this luxurious material. This festival celebrates with exhibitions, lectures and various recreational performances to enjoy.
This native Chinese craft has a long history. The famous Silk Road began as a trade route to transport silk and other goods to the West. As a by-product, cultures mixed and new information about the world was shared.

The Romans were in awe of silk and bought enough of it to threaten their own gold reserves. But they couldn't get their hands on the heavily guarded secrets of how it was made until silkworms were smuggled out of China (a crime punishable by death) several centuries later.

In the summer months you may get a chance to see some silkworms as they feed on mulberry leaves, slowly spinning a cocoon of pure silk. The threads are wound onto reels in the factories and eventually woven and dyed and made into pajamas!
Suzhou Silk Festival
Date:Sep 2007 (annual)
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