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The smallest horse in the world

"Thumbelinda", the world's smallest horse takes part in a toy fair with its trainer Michael Goessling in New York, Feb 15, 2009.The seven-year old horse received the title of "World's s...
shared by Rocky
2009-02-17 09:36:41

The roundest moon in chinese lantern festival

shared by Rocky
2009-02-10 09:14:01

Britain's Red Arrows perform over London

Britain's Red Arrows, accompanied by four Typhoons, fly over the RAF memorial in central London as part of their 90th anniversary celebrations April 1, 2008
shared by Rocky
2008-04-06 16:13:48

Creative representation of Olympic rings

BOCOG-elected best poster for Beijing 2008 Olympics. It portrays a Chinese woman's hairdress of five Olympic rings styled by Xiao Yang, a model.
shared by Rocky
2008-03-28 12:09:23

Artist's creation celebrates fall of Berlin wall

People beside the illuminated installation "Vanished Berlin Wall" by Korean Artist Eun Sook Lee in front of Brandenburger Gate in Berlin Oct. 31, 2007. The installation, which will be in place u...
shared by Rocky
2007-11-03 12:29:46

Total Lunar Eclipse Observed

A total lunar eclipse was observed Tuesday throughout the Western Hemisphere and parts of Asia. This is the second total lunar eclipse of 2007.
shared by Rocky
2007-08-30 09:01:59

Indonesia celebrates 62nd Independence Day

Indonesian young men climb slippery poles to get prizes during a popular game known as "Panjang Pinang" in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, Aug. 17, 2007. The whole country celebrates its 62nd Independe...
shared by Rocky
2007-08-25 13:02:25

Lake View Hotel in Seremban, Malaysia

The toilet at this hotel is shocking. Cleaniness does not seem to be their concern. How on earth can anyone in their right mind will stay at this hotel. Some of the rooms have no windows and the...
shared by choi
2007-03-19 12:41:07


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