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Snack Peddler Spotted in Xiamen

    This is a neat little street side snack stop.  It's not such a lucrative trade but this guy had a good sense of humour selling snacks to passers by.  Always ready t...
shared by Richard
2007-04-09 17:01:38

Xiamen Street Snack

    This guy serves up local snacks to passers by in Xiamen. When business is slow he simply rides the operation (all set up neatly on top of his bicycle) to another location.
shared by Richard
2007-04-09 16:55:58

Cooking with Gas in Xiamen

     Homes and restaurants all over Xiamen still rely on gas containers delivered to their door step for their cooking and heating needs. Although more modern buildings have gas...
shared by Richard
2007-04-09 16:51:40

Going Down to Carrefour

From morning to late night 7 days a week people flock to Xiamen's Carrefour. It's organised chaos down there!   The store lay out is confusing and inadequately labled aisles...
shared by Richard
2007-04-08 17:12:21

Carrefour Cosmetics

 Xiamen's Carrefour can kindly be described as a shopping shambles.  It's confusing lay out and inadequately labled aisles are a magnet for hordes of people who cram the plac...
shared by Richard
2007-04-08 17:03:50

Happy Pancake Shop Worker

     Friendly smiles from a shop assistant at this Taiwanese style "hand grab pancake" joint in Xiamen's Ladies Street area. Unlike it's famous big sister in HK, Ladies Street in...
shared by Richard
2007-04-08 16:48:26

"Hand Grab Pancakes"

    Like the name suggests, no knives, folks or chopsticks are needed to enjoy a Taiwanese style "hand grab pancake" fresh from the hot plate of this little hole-in-the-wall operat...
shared by Richard
2007-04-08 16:41:44

Taiwan Snacks in Xiamen

This man from China's most populous Henan Province makes Taiwanese style "hand grab pancakes" in Xiamen's Ladies Street area. Delicious and filling, one pancake with egg, a slice of process...
shared by Richard
2007-04-08 16:35:58

Beef Noodle Boss

    This is Mr. Zhou from Sanming in NW Fujian Province, China. He's the boss at this neat little Taiwanese style beef noodle soup shop in Xiamen's Ladies Street area.   ...
shared by Richard
2007-04-08 15:41:59

Ladies Street Eat

A hot bowl of Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup from a shop of the same name located in Xiamen's Ladies Street area.  This part of town is the lesser known little sister of the more famous Ladies Stre...
shared by Richard
2007-04-08 15:34:29

The only female player in the Japanese Team

shared by choi
2007-02-24 17:55:38

Softball Competition, HIP Struggled

The group photo was taken after the all Xiamen Japanese softball team won the weekend softball friendly MATCH at The International Hotel near Xiamen Exhibition Centre. The well trained Japanese softb...
shared by choi
2007-02-24 13:58:32
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