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Gulanyu, Xiamen in The 1930s

Gulanyu Islet in the early centuary was the playing ground for the rich and famous. The old glory can still be traced by some well preserved artifacts, buildings and gardens built during the gold...
shared by choi
2007-02-19 12:41:41

Xiamen 1st Cinema in 1930's

Xiamen Kaiming Cinema in Jiangtou District is the first cinema which was built in the 30's. Jiangtou is the district where Xiamen Sheraton Hotel  is located. Kaiming Cinema can still be...
shared by huiyu
2007-02-09 08:17:20

Xiamen Second General Hospital in 1953

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2007-02-09 08:14:39

The Historical SEZ Script By Mr. Deng X.P

In 1984, Mr. Deng Xiao Peng, China then supreme leader confirming SEZ status in Xiamen with a stroke of his brush on a piece of banner. 25 years ago before the implemetation of SEZ, Xia...
shared by huiyu
2007-02-05 15:57:54

Mr. Deng X.P in Xiamen Drafting SEZ Script

Mr. Deng Xiao Peng, 1984 China Supremo in Xiamen to promote Special Economic Zone (SEZ) concept and writing the script on a piece of banner. 25 years ago before the implemetation of SEZ, Xiamen was a ...
shared by huiyu
2007-02-05 15:50:12

Xiamen Ximingnan Lu in the 80's

shared by choi
2007-02-01 18:17:35

School Village in Jimei, Xiamen

The modern constructions of the famous School Village in Jimei built in the 50's and funded by an overseas Chinese from Malaysia      
shared by choi
2007-02-01 18:15:21

Lujiang, Xiamen City View from Gulanyu

This is an old photo in 1950s of Xiamen Skylines, Mountains and Lujiang Water. The photo was taken from Gulanyu.    
shared by choi
2007-02-01 18:04:50

1st Hospital Building in Xiamen

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2007-01-31 18:52:45

Xiamen Port in 1905

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2007-01-31 18:47:02

Zongshanlu Shopping Street 30 Yrs ago

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2007-01-31 18:45:05