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Shell artwork by Fujian old craftsman

 71-year-old man in Fujian builds a "shell park"
shared by Chen
2009-12-18 11:27:04

Rehearsal for Singapore Air Show

Members of the Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knights aerobatic team fly in formation in F16C aircraft during a rehearsal on the media preview day, ahead of the Singapore Air Show, in Sin...
shared by Rocky
2008-02-20 16:31:42

Japan's moon probe updates Earthrise

The Earth rises above a region of the moon's surface near its North Pole in this images taken from high-definition video shot from Japan's lunar orbiter KAGUYA(SELENE) at 2:52 pm on November 7, ...
shared by Rocky
2007-11-15 09:46:48

MAKS-2007 Int'l air show

French military Patrouille de France (France's patrol) Alphajet airplanes perform during the MAKS-2007 international air show in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow, August 24, 2007.
shared by Rocky
2007-08-25 12:51:34