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Beautiful sceneries of Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen

South Putuo Temple is situated at the foot of Wulao Peak at the southern end of Xiamen City, Fujian Province. First built in the Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.-907A.D.), it was restored many times in several ...
shared by Chen
2010-01-18 11:50:39

Beautiful landscape in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area

A lake is seen in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area in southwest China's Sichuan Province on Jan. 9, 2010.  snow mountains, deep valleys and forests. (Xinhua/Yan Hao)
shared by Chen
2010-01-12 11:12:54

Shanghai Expo Axis on trial illuminaion

A photo taken on Jan. 7, 2010 shows the brilliant cable-membrane structure of the Expo Axis during a trial illumination in Shanghai, east China. The Expo Axis is a large, integrated commercial and tra...
shared by Chen
2010-01-08 11:38:23

Beautiful autumn leaves in Fujian

Photo taken on Nov. 27, 2009 shows yellow leaves in a village of Youxi County, southeast China's Fujian Province. While winter falls in north China, it is still Autumn in Fujian Province. Red and ...
shared by Chen
2009-12-17 17:34:52

Pingnan's roofed bridges in Fujian applied to be UNESCO's world heritage

A local villager wash clothes with the backdrop of Guangfu Bridge, a roofed wooden arch birdge, in Pingnan County of southeast China's Fujian Province, Oct. 17, 2009. (Xinhua/Jiang Kehong)
shared by Chen
2009-10-19 17:56:49

The Shangri-La of Hakka - Dapu, Guangdong

Situated in the eastern part of China's southern Guangdong Province, Dapu is a small town belonging to the Meizhou County of Guangdong.
shared by Chen
2009-10-16 09:31:48

Natural scenery in Qinghai Lake

A tourist takes a picture of the Qinghai Lake in northwest China's Qinghai Province, July 21, 2009. As the boom season for tourism began, more and more tourists arrived here to enjoy the natural scene...
shared by Rocky
2009-07-25 09:30:28

hakka house take on a spring look

Spring has arrived and covered the hakka earth buildings with fresh verdure.
shared by Rocky
2009-02-19 08:50:11

Fujian Tulou

Fuyu lou hotel
shared by Rocky
2008-11-27 11:29:56

Lhasa - "the City of the Sun"

A flock of wild pigeons fly over the Potala Palace in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on Jan. 10, 2008. Lhasa, which is entitled "the City of the Sun", has met the t...
shared by Rocky
2008-01-12 12:53:35

Golden rice paddies on terraces

A view of terraced rice paddies on karst mountains before harvest in Rongshui Miao Autonomous Prefecture in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, October 31, 2007
shared by Rocky
2007-11-03 12:30:53

The beautiful scenery of Ejin Oasis

Diversiform-leaved poplars are seen in the photo taken in Ejin Oasis, in the desert of Araxan League in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
shared by Rocky
2007-10-11 09:16:42
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