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Regal China Cruise Deck Plan

China Regal Cruises,the only 5-star western managed Yangtze River Cruise company, has three German built sister ships, The Princess Sheena, Princess Jeannie, and the Princess Elaine. Their three ships are almost identical to each other, only having subtle differences. Each ship is a floating luxury hotel offering the highest standards to discriminating travelers to view the wonders of the Three Gorges area. All Three ships were designed with state-of-the-art engineering and stabilizers to make for quiet journeys and virtually motionless passages. Since China Regal Cruises' ships were designed and built in Germany, every aspect of the ship was built to the highest standards.

China Regal Cruises

Deck 1:
On deck 1, passengers can pamper themselves in the ship's sauna and massage parlor. It is an excellent place to relax tired muscles after one of the ships excursions.

Deck 1

Deck 2:
The reception desk can be found on deck 2. It is the place to get answers to all of your questions, and exchange money. Each ship in China Regal Cruises' fleet has a no cash policy, which means that passengers sign for every extra thing they purchase. At the end of the cruise passengers can pay for them at the reception desk. Cash, credit cards, and Traveler's Checks are accepted. The unisex beauty salon is where passengers can get their hair done, or get a manicure. The photo shop also located on deck 2 is where photos can be developed, or have photos from a digital camera put onto cd to allow passengers more room on their camera.

Deck 2

Deck 3:
The Golden Pavilion Dining Room is located on deck 3. Designed with warm colors, the Golden Pavilion Dining Room is a very warm and cozy location to dine. The majority of the tables are round and quite large allowing many passengers to sit together and chat about the day's adventures. The Golden Pavilion Dining Room offers three buffet style meals a day. The buffets offer both Chinese and Western cuisine which are made with the strictest attention to detail. The chefs onboard each ship are professionally trained to ensure diners have fantastic meals on their cruise. Complimentary tea, coffee, soda, and juice are offered at each meal. The Observation Lounge/library, located on deck 3 is the perfect place to view the passing scenery out of the weather. It has wraparound windows on three sides offering a wonderful view. The Observation Lounge doubles as the ship's library and offers a selection of novels, travel books, and books on Chinese culture and history.

Deck 3

Deck 4:
The larger of the two dining rooms, the Emperor's Dining Hall, is located on deck 4. It is decorated in light colors. It has windows running its entire length of both sides. This combined with the light colors of its interior making this a bright and comfortable spot to eat while chatting with friends, or admiring the scenery passing by. The Emperor's Dining Hall offers three buffet style meals a day. The lotus bar located on deck 4 features a large selection of Western alcohol, and wine, as well as China's famous Moutai Alcohol. The bartenders there can mix a large variety of cocktails. Their English is exceptional, and they are always offer liberal amounts of smiles with the drinks they serve. The bar has large windows on three sides to allow passengers to marvel at the Three Gorges' scenery. Deck 4 also has the ship's gift shop. The gift shop offers many traditional Chinese arts and crafts, as well as demonstrations of Chinese painting, and reverse painting in snuff bottles.

Deck 4

Deck 5:
The sundeck located on deck 5 is a nice place to relax, and view the surrounding scenery. The sundeck is used for several shipboard parties as well. The Captain's Welcome Party and the Romance Party are held there. The Romance Party is held while the Ship is passing through the ship's locks, which offers an amazing backdrop to the festivities. The Jade Ballroom located on deck 5 is where most of the shipboard performances and cultural presentations are performed. It features a state of the art sound system and lighting.

Deck 5

The wrap-around exterior decks on deck 3 and 4 offer a place for passengers to relax outside, or walk or jog around the ship for a little exercise. China Regal Cruises' ships are some of the few ships cruising the Yangtze River that have this feature. The outdoor decks on the majority of cruise ships do not wrap around forcing passengers to walk back and forth.