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Regal China Cruise Highlights

China Regal Cruises has three ships cruising the Yangtze River: the Princess Sheena, Princess Elaine, and Princess Jeannie. It is the only Yangtze River cruise company to have been recognized with an award from Travel Weekly due to its high standard. The three sister ships were all built in Germany and are the only foreign built ships that cruise the Yangtze River. The ships are very sleek in design and feature state of the art engineering and stabilizers making each cruise quiet and virtually motionless.

The Ship:
The ship's interior is very nicely designed and decorated. Each staircase has a map of the entire ship making navigating it very simple. Each ship has two dining rooms. Both feature similar cuisine served in a buffet style. The buffet is a mix of Western and Chinese dishes. The ship has a bar and an observation lounge/library. Both are located in the bow of the ship and have windows on three sides which gave excellent views of the Three Gorges scenery, while sitting in comfort out of the weather. The bar features a large selection of western alcohol and wine, as well as China's famous Maotai Alcohol. The ballroom located on the top deck is where all of the performances and parties are held. It features a state of the art sound and lighting system. The performances themselves are excellent. They are performed by the ship's crew and they are extremely talented. Each deck has its own exterior walkway that encircles the ship, so that visitors wanting a little exercise can walk around the ship. Most ships cruising on the Yangtze to not have this feature and visitors are only able to walk back and forth on each deck.

China Regal Cruise Ship
Built in Germany, China Regal Cruises' ships are extremly spacious

Each ship has three types of rooms: Single, Standard Twin, and Suites. The Single and Standard Twin are small, but very well laid out. Each cabin has all of the amenities found in a 5 star hotel. The Single and Standard Twin each have private bathroom with Western style toilet, air conditioner, refrigerator, television, telephone, large windows, and plenty of storage space. The Suite is much larger, and has a kitchenette, a sitting room, and a bathroom with bathtub.

China Regal Cruises' Deluxe Suite
China Regal Cruises' Deluxe Suites have all the
amenities of a 5-star hotel.
single cabin of China Regal Cruises
The single cabins are very well designed and extremly comfortable.

The Crew:
The crew on each ship is carefully picked. They are chosen not only for their ability to speak excellent English, but also for their enthusiasm and friendly nature. The crew works very hard to make a cruise an unforgettable experience.

crew onboard China Regal Cruise
The crew onboard China Regal Cruises are always ready to help and offer a smile.
bartenders onboard China Regal Cruises
The bartenders onboard China Regal Cruises are more than happy to mix your favorite drinks.

The excursions are each carefully chosen to show off China's rich culture and history. Each excursion has an English speaking guide to allow guests to get the most of their experiences. When applicable, private air-conditioned busses will escort passengers from their ship, to their destination. Each cruise will have its own excursions. Excursions include Shennong Stream, Fengdu Ghost City, the Three Gorges Dam, Shibaozhai (Stone Treasure Fortress), and White Emperor City. Each of these excursions takes two to three hours.

Shennong Stream
The Shennong Stream is a beautiful and peaceful
way for visitors to get in touch with nature, and
China's ethnic minority culture.
Three Gorges Dam
The Three Gorges Dam, the largest dam in the world, in the morning mist.

The scenery of the three gorges is one of the biggest draw for visitors to the Yangtze River for good reason. The Three Gorges is one of the earliest tourist destinations in China. It is famous not only for its stunning landscapes, but for the history, and culture. The myriad of ancient temples, villages, and paths add to the splendor of the Three Gorges. Visitors cruising down the Yangtze River can witness life as it has been for centuries by people living on and around the river.

Three Gorges
The Three Gorges are famed throughout the
world for its breathtaking scenery.
Three Gorges
It is little wonder why the Three Gorges have inspired poets and artists alike for thousands of years.