Flight Cancellation & Change Policy

Flight Cancellation Policy:

1. The cancellation fee is 10%~60% of total air fair(including credit card transcation fees), the cancellation fees vary depending on the ticket discount percentage and the airline companys policy.
The lower discount, the higher of cancellation fee:

For low discount tickets (like 50per discount~70per discount tickets), normally the cancellation fee vary from 30% to 60% of total airfair;For the first class, full price tickets and more than 70per discount tickets, normally the cancellation fee vary from 10% to 30% of total airfair.

2. We will deduct the cancellation fee and refund the rest of the airfair to the customer credit card.

Flight Change Policy:

1. Air ticket can be changed only once to the same airline company flights (the same route and same passenger) and the same discount level, if there is no the same discount for your changed date/flight, then you need to pay the extra fees for the difference, you may pay the extra fee for the flight change in the airport when you check-in.

2. If you want to change to other airline companys flight, you will have to cancel your original flight(cancellation fee occur, ticket will be partial refund) and you need make a new flight purchase.