Booking Procedure & Payment Online


Flight Booking procedure:

1. Search,Compare and Select your flight and submit the booking.

2. Then we will process the flight booking and send a confirmation Email(E-ticket info) within 30 minutes to 12 hours,after you get the mail,please login in our website again and check your air ticket order status in  "My Account" and Click the "Action bar" logo to make the payment.

After you make the payment,we will issue the ticket and mail the guest the final itinerary and ticket number.

3. Guest may print out the confirmation Email(with E-ticket info), when guest arrive in the airport, check-in, guest just show his passport(the name and passport number match the booking info in the system), the airline company can find your record in their system, then you can aboard the plane.

Flight Secure Payment Methods:

1. For Verified by VISA:
If you are a VISA card holder, then you can contact your credit card bank to open "Verified by VISA" function. "Verified by VISA" is available and popular in most countries worldwide, so please call your bank to enable this "Verified by VISA" function, or go to your bank's website to enable this function for your card.

You will need to set a password for "Verified by VISA" online payments; this function will protect your card from fraudulent uses.

Click Pay Online  to make an express payment.