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Danba-a Kingdom of a 1000 Castles

Danba lies along the eastern border of the Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Region which lies in western Sichuan. The county is not far from Ya'an in the southeast, Kangding in the south and Daofu in the west. The county varies greatly in altitude, from peaks that are as high as 5,820 meters to river valleys as low as 1,700 meters. The Big Jinchuan and Small Jinchuan Rivers meet here, marking the beginning of the Dadu River. The county's landscape is vertically changing, from the high-altitude snow-capped mountains, to glaciers and the low altitude grasslands and valleys. The main population here is composed of ethnic Tibetans.

"Kingdom of One Thousand Castles"


The county of Danba is dubbed as "a Kingdom of One Thousand Castles." Groups of castles are scattered around strategic positions in the valley or near villages. Towers and citadels were built hundreds of years ago for defensive purposes and communication points between different villages. The height of these stone-built military structures often exceeds 30 meters, and the tallest tower measures 60 meters in height. Looking from afar, the scene of towers and castles standing in the gorgeous Danba valley is breathtaking.

Tibetan Style Buildings

Danba is an amazing place to see authentic Tibetan-style buildings. Jiarong village is an example well worth a visit. The village, like towers and castles, has a military function. The typical village building has 3 floors, and the roofs are painted in black, white and yellow.

Drinking Tea in Danba

The locals drink is buttered tea. Tibetans are hospital towards guests coming from afar, and the opportunity to visit to their homes can be a great experience. The host will invite you to taste their favorite buttered tea and sometimes invite you to dinner, free of charge.

Beauties in the Valley

The girls from Danba are famed to be the prettiest in the region, giving the valley a second nickname, "Beauty Valley." Beautiful local women clothed in their magnificent traditional dresses are a photographic treat for tourists and serious photographers alike.

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