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The Fragrant Hill - Xiangshan Park

The Fragrant Hill, located at the north-west of the Beijing city, is famous for its beautiful maple leaf that dyes the hills all red during autumn days. Summertime is the best time for me to start a happy journey to the hill although many others may think autumn is alright. After the intake of tons of the Discovery TV programs on wild life I was eager to start a little adventure to nature by myself. After all climbing hills is a good approach to lose weight.

After one hour's jolt on the bus, I arrived at the foot of the hill. Flower of Japanese pagoda tree gave a sweet smell around the hill. As I looked up, I found it was cloudy and the fog hung over the mountainside moving very slowly, which made the hill more mysterious. It is not the tallest hill I have ever seen, nor is it among the most beautiful hill list. However it is not a costly place for travelers: the admission ticket only cost you RMB10 even in busy seasons and the price level there is a littler lower than that in Beijing city. It is much more like an amicable mama comforting the noisy souls.

The Fragrant Hills Pagoda

A bird view  of Pagoda in the park

Maple leaves in autumn

Maple leaves in autumn

Biyun Temple in the park

Biyun Temple in the park

Like desserts before dinner, you can visit a lot of historic sites before you start to climb the hill. The must-visit list including: Shuangqin Villa that Mao Tsedong has inhabitated during the Three Major Campaigns against KMT during the year of 1948-1949; and the remains of Xiangshan Temple  which has been burned out by BaGuoLianJun in 1940; And Liuli Tower which is the symbol of the Fragrant Hill and should not be missed. Now I began to test my hill legs. My target is reaching the top of the hill - XiangLu Summit .

If you are aggressive enough, you can climb the hill on the east side of the hill. The steps are more straight to the top and much more abrupt than the west side. The trail on the west side is a zigzag featured and effort-saving one. Still there are alternatives. I that day found an unused track that intertwines the hill up to the top. It is a little dangerous. For the other side of the hill is, say, cliff! (It occurred to me by then that some one who has climbed the Hua Mountain will dwarf me.

Almost all who climb the hill will make it. So did I. As I was being closer to the target, the clouds became much thicker and the air is very humid. I could feel that I inhaled the cloud. Clouds were floating around you, which made me feel like "walking in clouds".

Someone has said "leave the best for the last". I think the best must be the fried sausage sold at the XiangLu Summit. After a tired climb-up, I believe that spending a little time in eating a sausage with a bottle of cold, clean water is the best way I can think of. Beside that, the scene in front of you is terribly magnificent! Now you can overview the city of Beijing!? Wait, you can only do this?under the condition of an?unclouded day. But I still could imagine that!

The Fragrant Hill travel is a costless and light-weighted one. It is a good place for aerobics besides its clean air and beautiful scene.

The alluring beauty of Fragrant Hills Park waits for you to appreciate all it has to offer.

Admission Fee: CNY 5 (Nov. 1 to Mar. 31)
CNY 10 (Apr. 1 to Oct. 31)
Opening Hours: 07:00 to 18:00 (summer)
08:30 to 17:00 (winter)
Time for a Visit:
One hour
Bus Route: 318, 331, 333, 360, 634, 714, 733, 737...