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Tiantai Mountain--Shaanxi Province

Tiantai Mountain, a national-level scenic place of interest, lies in the southern outskirts of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. It covers an area of 120 square kilometers, and belongs to the Qinling Mountain Range. Its main tourist attractions are Lotus Flowers Peak, Daomao Stone, Leilei Stone, Jiulong Spring (Nine-dragon Spring), Dasan Gate, Jifeng Chayun (cock peak into clouds), Miluotian Sea of Clouds, Emperor Yan's Gutai Sleeping Chamber, Shennong Temple, Laojun Top, and Yaonv Cave, etc., of which the main peak the Lotus Flower Peak is 2,198 meters above sea level. There grow numerous kinds of trees, such as Oil Pine, Huashan Pine, Lianxiang Tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum), etc, and hundreds of ornamental plants, and over 60 kinds of birds and animals.    


As recorded in the history of folk legends, Tiantai Mountain is the place where Emperor Yan was born, grew up, started his undertakings and passed away. It is the homeland of Shennong (legendary god of farming), and plays an important role in the origination history of the Chinese nationality. It is also considered a famous mountain in the history of Taoism because legend has it that Lao Zi, founder of the Taoism, started his doctrines there.   

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