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China Dinosaurs Park

Changzhou is an industrial town in Jiangsu Province, on the Shanghai-Nanjing railway and motorway axis . It counts more than 1 million inhabitants and is rapidly expanding. Changzhou is an ancient city with a history of 2500 years. The brilliant history and culture has left behind lots of historic relics such as the Tianning temple of the Tang Dynasty, the Writing-brush Pagoda of the South Period, the Dongpo Park of the North Song Dynasty and the Yanchen Remains of the Spring & Autumn Period.

Recent years, Changzhou has made great achievement in tourism development like other cities. Now the Liyang Tianmu Lake Tourism & Vacation Zone, Jintan Maoshan Mountain Scenic Spot and Tianning Temple Scenic Spot has taken shape..

The more exciting is the construction of the Changzhou China Dinosaurs Park which covers an area of 500 mu with an investment of RMB300 million. It indicates that Changzhou tourism has entered a new stage of development.

Changzhou Dinosaur Park

Changzhou China Dinosaurs Park lies in Changzhou modern tourism zone of Changzhou New District. The first stage is the China Dinosaurs Hall, the main spot of the park. The building area of the hall is 14,000 square meters and the highest point of the dinosaurs is 71 meters and the highest point of the hall dome is 36 metres.

The China Dinosaur Park, situated in the New North District in the east of Changzhou, is a large-scaled theme park all about dinosaurs. Here in the booming tourism region Changzhou is the Chinese version of Jurassic Park. This combined science museum and theme park celebrated its opening in April 2001.

Extensive halls exhibiting fossils found all over China, take turns with amusements attractions. In other areas of the park, you encounter dinosaurs reconstructed in original sizes and placed within a primeval appearing landscape. With its grand space and unique structure, the hall has become the symbol of Changzhou's tourism. The China Dinosaurs Hall consists of 5 main halls and 6 auxiliary halls. The former include middle hall, exhibition hall, landscape hall, sightseeing hall and video hall. While the latter include entrance hall, reception hall, reporting hall, alternate exhibition hall, roof garden and souvenir shop, which are connected through logical route.

Setting the biological evolution as background, the hall focuses on the history of dinosaurs' birth, growth, breeding, evolution and extermination, and brings to light the inner subject of the importance of environmental protection. In the hall, the man-made surroundings such as waterfalls, rocks and cliffs, seas, jungles and caves bring the ancient geological environment to vivid expression and form the special atmosphere.

On the exhibition of fossil, advanced technique such as high-tech sound and light, effects, movie-and-video medium, cartoon images and computer network games are used. They achieve a breakthrough in traditional conception of museum. As a result, the hall serves the purposes of natural science, popular science, exhibition, recreation and adventure. Around the hall in the park, there are more than 20 sets of large or medium recreation facilities, with which tourists can fully enjoy themselves while learning about dinosaurs.

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