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Dianchi Lake

Located in the southwest of Kunming City in Yunnan Province, the Dianchi Lake is formed based upon a fault crossing the central Yunnan Plateau. Commonly known as the Kunyang Sea or the Kunyang Lake, It has an old name of South Dian Pool. The Dianchi Lake is the largest lake in Yunnan Province and the sixth largest freshwater lake in China, with a reputation of a Pearl Imbedded in the Plateau.       


Dianchi Lake 2
Dianchi Lake
Covering an area of 294 square kilometers, the Dianchi Lake has an average depth of 4.4 meters with the deepest point of about 10 meters. Converging more than 20 rivers such as the Nanpan River and the Baoxiang River, the lake has its outlet in Haikou. After running through the Tanglang River and the Pudu River, it flows into the Jinsha River. The Dianchi Lake is a natural cistern, with a water-storage of 15 cubic meters. It is of great benefit not only to the water supply, flood control, shipping and fishery, but also to the climate conditioning.   


The Dianchi Lake has fascinating scenery, with the Golden Horse Hill in the east facing the Jade Cock Hill in the west, and the Snake Hill in the south confronting the White Crane Hill in the north. Beautiful lakes and mountains bring out the best in each other. Surrounding the Dianchi Lake are some scenic spots including Yunnan Village, the Yunnan National Museum, the Huating Temple of Western Hill, the Taihua Temple, the Trinity Pavilion, the Dragon Gate, the Grand View Pavilion, the Jinning Panlong Temple, and the Zhenghe Park.

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