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Holidays : China: Guizhou : Attractions : Baihua Lake (Hundred-flower Lake)

Baihua Lake (Hundred-flower Lake)

The Baihua Lake is situated in Zhuchang Village, about 22 kilometers northwest of Guiyang City in Guizhou Province. Covering an area of 13.5 square kilometers, the lake is famous for its beautiful scenery and serenity.  Among its scenic spots , the Small Three Gorges is the most distinctive one. On the lakeside are terraced fields layer upon layer. Peach trees and willows stand along the lakeside, together with several farmhouses and a small arch bridge, presenting beautiful rural scenery. Lying in the lake are more than 100 various islands, large or small.    



The lake is crystal clear, with oddly shaped rocks. Various kinds of birds fly here, including egret, mandarin duck, lake gull, and wild duck, which amount to several thousand. The Baihua Scenic Area is composed of 12 scenic spots, including water-eroded cave, hot spring, Hongwu Temple, and Zhuchang Old Castle, etc. Various facilities and entertainment places have been improved greatly. Moreover, a Baihua Villa is specially built to provide convenient living and transportation conditions