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Tianmu Lake

The Tianmu Lake is located 8 kilometers south of Liyang City in Jiangsu Province, where Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, and Anhui Province meet. Reputed as pearl on the area south of the Yangtze River, the lake was listed as a provincial tourist resort in 1993. The scenic spot has very convenient transportation both inside and outside the area. It also has rich tourist resource, with beautiful scenery, wild life and three unique products as its three distinctive attractions.    

Embraced by hills, the Tianmu Lake is crystal clear and has numerous islets, large or small, with various pavilions built on them. Pines, bamboos grow along the lakeside, while the orchard bears a lot of fruit. The Tianmu Lake combines the beauty of the Taihu Lake, the West Lake and the Thousand-island Lake into a whole and gets the reputation of the green fairyland.   

Various species of ancient trees, wild flowers and plants grow in the Tianmu Lake Scenic Area. It is also a habitat for wild animals such as wild boar, hare, pheasant, and mallard, etc, together with some man-fed animals such as camel, macaque, spotted deer, and peacock. The lake, hills, trees, animals and birds make a harmonious ecological landscape of the nature.    

The three unique products of the Tianmu Lake is composed of the sweet water, tasty tea, and delicious fish head. Since the government pays great attention to environmental protection, the Tianmu Lake Scenic Area is well preserved without any pollution and its water keeps the purity and the mineral components of a natural spring. According to statistics from the environmental department of Jiangsu Province, the lake water is better than the national second-level drinking water. The mild climate and humid soil around the Tianmu Lake are perfect for growing tea. With an annual tea yield exceeding 1,000 tons, the area has produced several famous brands, such as the Guiming tea of Sand River and Shoumei tea of Nanshan Hill. The pure water and rich fish food feed various freshwater fish such as cod (Gadus morhua). The flesh of the cod is as soft as bean curd, and very delicious.

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