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A Mysterious Paradise: Shangri-la

A mystery and a dream, a wonderland hidden in a remote place, a paradise sought for ages; this is Shangri-la as first depicted in James Hilton��s novel Lost Horizons. It Describes the adventures of Hugh Conway and his three Western traveling companions who, whilst traveling from South Asian Baskul (a name invented by the author) to Peshawar, were taken by a mysterious oriental skyjacker to the hidden Valley of the Blue Moon and the city of Shangri-La.


On Sept 14, 1997 Yunnan provincial government proclaimed publicly to the whole world that Shangri-la was a city in Diqing county, Yunnan. Since Shangri-la had previously been known as a mythical place, a holy grail of travelers, this piece of news aroused surprise and strong responses domestically and worldwide.

Meili Snow Mountain

Shangri-la��s eternal beauty lies in its beautiful snow mountains.

Meili Snow Mountain is located at the junction of the Jinsha( golden sand), Lancang and Nu rivers(the junction itself is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO). Famous for its lofty and mysterious magnificence, Tibetans regard it as sacred and each year in autumn Tibetan pilgrims come from near and far to soak up the spiritual aura of the Mountain. Kagebo Peak, towering and noble, has long been Meili��s most famous. Considered in local myth a god reigning over the rest of the range, Tibetans praise Kagebo as "the most beautiful mountain in the world.�� At its foot lies a monsoon maritime glacier, itself a precious geographical rarity.


Baimang Snow Mountain Natural Reserve

The Baimang Snow Mountain Natural Reserve consists of a group of mountains at an altitude of about 5000 metres. The vertical climatic difference is great here. It is the largest natural reserve in Yunnan Province with a perfectly preserved frigid-zone of primeval forests. This area is also the main habitat of Yunnan golden monkeys, a rare animal under strict national protection.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge is located between the Haba Snow mountain and the Yulong snow mountain. Legend has it that the gorge takes its name from a Tiger who leaped across the swirling waters. One of the deepest gorges in the world, the difference in height from bottom to top is as much as 3900 meters. A truly magnificent sight!

Lancang Grand Canyon

At the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain lies the 150-kilometer-long world-famous Langcang Grand Canyon, a natural masterpiece. The elevation difference between the river surface and the highest mountain peak is 4,734 meters.

Shudu Lake

Located northeast of Shangri-la, Shudu Lake is easy to reach. One of the largest fresh water lakes on the Diqing plateau, the lake is surrounded by a forest of fir,spruce and silver birch, and is home to a varied collection of wildlife including bears,golden cats, deer and pheasants.

White water terrace

White Water Terrrace is situated in Zhongian County's Baidi village. White Water Terrace in Naxi means growing flower. Not only a place of beautiful scenery; it is also one of the birthplaces of Dongba Naxi culture, widely known around the world.


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