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Moutai Wine and the Wine Museum

Guizhou Maotai, along with Scotch whisky and Cognac Brandy, is one of the three most famous liquors in the world. It is refreshing, rich and sweet, with a distinct after-taste. Because of this unique quality, Maotai has won numbers of international and national prizes since it won the gold medal at the Panama International Fair in 1915.

As a matter of fact, Maotai is now crowned as China's National Wine, a wine enjoyed by the Chinese, a favorite amongst high social parties, politicians, diplomats and foreign dignitaries.

The history of making wine in Maotai can be traced back to two thousands years ago.

There were hundreds of wine distilleries in the tiny town. They gradually emerged into three private workshops, producing Maotai. In 1951, the government purchased the three workshops and set up the state-run Maotai Distillery.

Legends have it that a brewery factory was set up in nearby Zunyi city, in the hope to raise the out put of such a fine beverage to cater for an ever increasing market demand. The same facilities and recipe were adopted in the production. However, after years of experiment, a good wine was produced, yet, it's not Moatai.

Experts believe, the crystal Chishui River from autumn to next spring and the unique geographic surroundings have made Renhuai town the only place for Maotai production.