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Yandang Mountain, Ningbo

Located in Leqing County of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Yandang Mountain is one of the China's top ten must-see mountains. Famous for its magnificent peaks, waterfalls and caves, Yandang Mountain was named a World Geopark by UNESCO in 2005. With an area of 450 sq kilometers (about 173.75 sq miles), Mount Yandang is composed of eight scenic areas, most famous of which are the Three Best Wonders: the Spiritual Peaks, the Big Dragon Waterfall and the Spiritual Rocks.

The Spiritual Peaks (Lingfeng Peaks)
The Spiritual Peaks is at the east gate of Yandang Mountain. Climbing up along the Puxi Stream, one can easily find the Old Monk Rock. Facing to the southeast, the 'old monk' salutes with the hands folded. It's so vivid that the rock has been considered one of the most significant scenic spots at Yandang Mountain. The sight of the peaks during the day is breath-taking and in the evening, is even more attractive. When night falls, with a little imagination, one can see many beautiful 'pictures' under the moonlight, such as 'an eagle retracting its wings', 'a wife-and-husband peak', 'a rhinoceros looking at the moon', 'a love-sick maiden' etc.

The Big Dragon Waterfall (Dalong Qiu)
Jumping down from Lianyun Peak, which is more than 190 meters (about 623 feet) high, the Big Dragon Waterfall runs into the Qingjiang River and finally into the sea. When there are heavy rains, The Big Dragon Waterfall conjures an image of a dragon flying swiftly upward and another one seething in the pond waters below. Thus, the name 'dragon' has been given to it. In fall and winter, the water flows down quietly and calmly. With the misty haze surrounding the falls, one can feel as if they are enjoying the marvels of heaven. No wonder the famous poet in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Jiang Shi, exclaimed that 'the beauty of the Big Dragon Waterfall cannot be expressed in words.'

The Spiritual Rocks (Lingyan Rocks)
Among the Three Best Wonders of Yandang Mountain, the Spiritual Rocks is the most magnificent and forbidding. Like a three-storey building, the Spiritual Rocks Area can be divided into three 'floors'. In the first 'floor', there are Lingyan Temple and the Small Dragon Waterfall; in the second, the Cave of Dragon Nose (Longbidong Cave) and the Cave of Clerestory (Tianchuangdong Cave); and in the third, the Valley of Crouching Dragon (Wolonggu Valley) and the Valley of Double Pearls (Shuangzhugu Valley). The whole area is so sublime that one is relieved of all anxiety, sorrow and pain upon entering. Besides the beautiful and grandeur scenery, the marvelous 'flying person' performance of ferry in the air also shows everyday.

There are five other scenic areas also worth visiting. The Immortal Bridge (Xianqiao) is well-known as a setting in fairy tales. The Wild Goose Lake (Yan Lake) gives Yandang Moutain its name (Yandang means 'reed marsh for wild geese'). The Wonder-displaying Gate (Xiansheng Gate) is considered to be the steepest rock in Yandang Mountain. The Goat-horn Cave (Yangjiao Cave) embodies the Chinese traditional religion of Taoism. The Three-step Waterfall (Sanzhe pu) is among the most peculiar of all the waterfalls in Yandang Mountain because of the dead volcano found here.

Known for its unique character, Mount Yandang has been praised as 'a famous mountain in the sea', 'an unsurpassed wonder in the world'. Peaks and water, caves and volcano, nature is such a genius to create this wonderful scenery.

'Flying person' performance shows at 3 P.M., every afternoon.
The Spiritual Peaks are even more dazzling at night, don't miss it!


How to Get There: You can take a bus at Ningbo South Station and get off at Yandang Town (Baixi) (Estimated time: four hours). Take a travel bus at Wenzhou New South Staion is also a good choice (Ticket: RMB27). If you are in Hangzhou, you can also take a bus at East Station 7 A.M. or 2 P.M. (Ticket: RMB 85; Time: 5 hours) Once you are in Shanghai, you can take a train to Wenzhou first, or take a bus at Zhiqing Bus Station at 2 P.M. directly (Bus ticket price: RMB 130 in low season, RMB 150 in peak season).

Admission Fee
The Spiritual Peaks: RMB 30 (you should buy tickets separately if you want to visit it both in day and night)
The Spiritual Rocks: RMB 30
The Big Dragon Waterfall: RMB 30
The Wild Goose Lake: RMB 10
The Wonder-displaying Gate: RMB 10
The Goat-horn Gate: RMB 10
The Three-step Waterfall: RMB 10
Recommended Time for a Visit Two days
Recommended Accommodation Chaoyang Village (3 stars); Yandang Hotel (3 stars); Yinyuan Hotel (3 stars)


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