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Bamboo Forrest Village in Fujian

Walking into Huangkeng, Jianyang City (Huangkeng Village on a rugged mountain road, visitors would encounter a sea of green bamboos. The village, which is surrounded by a creek, has a history of some 800 years.

Known as "Home of Bamboo", the village boasts bamboo forests, up to 137 thousand Mu (Chinese acres), or about 10 hectares, ranking on top best scenery in China. Therefore, the village is well-known for its environmental friendly bamboo products and the bamboo processing industry has become the leading industry for the villagers.

Moreover, the bamboo forests are located on unique land forms, with 98 surrounding peaks, each reaching over one thousand meters. In the forests, there are numerous rare flowers and plants, precious herbs, animals and birds. So the forest has many names, such as Heaven of Birds, Kingdom of Snakes, World of Insects, and Home of Mustache Toads.