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Chuxi Tulou

15 km. away from Xiayang Town, the Chuxi Tulou cluster includes five large circular buildings and ten rectangular buildings. All building names share the common word "Qing", meaning "celebration" (such as Jiqinglu and Shengqinglu), which reflects the hospitable nature of the Hakka people.

Jiqinglou is the oldest and most special round earth buildings in this area. It is almost 600 years old and covers a total area of 2826 m2 with 206 rooms. Unlike normal round earth building that usually got only four public stairways, Jiqinglou is equipped with 72 stairways, which divide the whole building into 72 independent units. All rooms, stairways and interior walls are constructed with wood and rabbet structure. Not even a single nail is used for the construction and the earth building remains intact after 600 years.

Jiqinglou also houses more than 10,000 exhibits about the unique life, history and culture of the Hakka people.