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Nan'an Ancient House Group of Cai Clan

The Ancient House Group of Cai Clan

The ancient house group of Cai clan, a key national safekeeping cultural relics lie at Zhangli Village, Guanqiao, Nan'an. The house group was built mainly by Cai Qichang and his son Cai Zizhen from the reign of Emperor Tongzhi in the Qing dynasty (1862 A.D.) to the 3rd year of Xuantong(1911 A.D.). Up to date 16 of the houses have remained fairly intact, most of which are constructed of three sections in depth or three sections in depth with five doors in face width. The clay, wooden or stone statues were sculptured carefully with the techniques including the hollow-out, relief and flat carving. The sculpture and decorative embody a concentrated reflection of not only the mature sculpture art in southern Fujian but the influences of Indian Buddhism ,Islamism, the south-east Asian and western architecture arts. That is why it is reputed as The Grand Showplace of South Fujian Architecture.

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