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Holidays : China: Fujian : Quanzhou Attractions : The Niumulin Forest - Yongchun

The Niumulin Forest - Yongchun

The Niumulin Forest was named after its shape looking like a pregnant cow conceiving treasures .It is a provincial natural reserve ossessing unique mountain landscapes. Within the area there are 1800 species of tracheophyta belonging to 214 families, more than 200 species of wild vertebrates belonging to 96 different families and 73 species of wild butterflies. Inside the spot there are the restaurant, the specimen museum for plants and animals, tourist shopping street, the beard garden, the cableway, shooting range and other tourist facilities. It has become the most important ecological tourist spot in the South Fujian. More than 100,000 people come here for tourism every year. It
is a good example for ecological tourist construction in the coastal areas.

Opening Hour:  8:00--17:30