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Holidays : China: Fujian : Longyan Attractions : Guanzhai Mountain

Guanzhai Mountain

Longyan's Guanzhai Mountain in Liancheng County is a jewel among the Danxia landscapes of China, having protected its ancient people from invaders with giant rock walls and narrow canyons that reach to the ancient townsites on the mountain tops.

The peak has many luring stone staircases that reach toward the heavens with curving pathways that offer vistas with majestic views of the peaks, each of which draws the imagination of the guest to visualize faces of the ancient people and the animals of the mountain. Some of the peaks soar to heights and shapes that represent pillars of justice reminding people to live harmoniously with nature. 

Tremendous biodiversity on the mountain mirrors different zones of elevation and bedrock type, and many isolated communities of plants and animals are found nowhere else, making Guanzhai truly unique. 

The Danxia landforms are well developed in Guanzhai with pillars of sandstone rising through erosion of the many crevasses formed by joints and faults formed during tectonic interactions between ancient plates. The history of the interactions between these plates is recorded in the succession of sandstones and conglomerates, and the occasional fossils in the sequence record the history of life on Earth. 

Guanzhai Mountain represents a monument to the peaceful co-existence of people and nature for thousands of years.

Guanzhai Mountain in liancheng
Guanzhai Mountain in Liancheng, Longyan