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Holidays : China: Fujian : Fuzhou Attractions : Fujian's famous and biggest island - Pingtan Island

Fujian's famous and biggest island - Pingtan Island


 Vedio of travel to Pingtan Island (In Chinese)


Pingtan Island is located to the south of Minjiang River, and about 120 kilometres to Fuzhou. It is the biggest island in Fujian and 5th biggest island in China, Covering an area of 309 square kilometres, Pingtan Island is composed by 6 tourist sections and 2 beach resorts.
Pingtan Island, isolated to the mainland, is free from pollution. It is boasted with beautiful coastal landscape with clean and fresh water complimented by soft and fine sand.
There is a saying goes, "Pingtan Island is invented and shaped by the sea erosion." Yes, as you step onto the island, you can probably see its island features: water sports, beach activities, seafood and the queer rocks and stones formed by the erosion of the sea.
The transportation

Pingtan Island has been developed well in recent years, gifted with rich island resources and natural landscapes. Some people think the island suffers its development bottleneck due to the poor transportation. However, it is because of this, the island turns out to be more mysterious for many people.
At present, the only transportation to Pingtan Island is by ferry. You can catch the wonderful views on the way to Pingtan Island. The island looks like an altar seen from afar.
Pingtan Ferries, both public-owned and private-owned, take buses and cars between Fuqing and Pingtan all day long.
The buses between Fuqing and Pingtan set out every 20 minutes, which can finally take you to Pingtan Bus Station. The price for the ticket is 28RMB including the ferry fee.
To deal with the transportation problem, the government decided to build a bridge to connect the island with Fuqing in 2005. The Cross-Straits Bridge connecting Pingtan and Fuqing is of 4976 metres long across the Haitan Strait.
The construction began in 2007, and it is estimated to be completed by 2011.
Pingtan Island's attraction

Travel to Pingtan can be a leisure and relaxing experience. Pingtan Island has long coastal line for windsurf, other water sports, beautiful beaches for beach activities. It is known to have the best waves and winds for wind surf.
Besides, various species of seafood is a must indulgence when you pay a visit to this amazing island.
Even at the beaches, you can catch Haizhe (a species of jellyfish which is edible) or crabs. You can even have a chance to go fishing on the sea with local fishermen, a really special experience.

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