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Qixianling Mountain Hot Spring and Forest Park

Qixianling Mountain Hot Spring and Forest Park, located in Baoting Li and Miao Ethnic Group Autonomous County, is 76 kilometers away from the international tourism city Sanya in the south and 39 kilometers away from the famous mountain city Wuzhishan in the north.

The scenic spot has a total planning area of 22 square kilometers consisting of three tourism zones: a preservation zone, buffer zone and development zone.

The preservation zone focuses on the preservation of the natural ecological environment, and only a few tourism projects such as a mountain-climbing service area, sightseeing area and ecological road for walking are in the area.

The development zone boasts the hot springs as the principal draw for its ecological tourism vacation area as the hot springs there boast high temperatures and sodium silicate water.

As one of the most significant ecological and scenic spots in the northeast part of Baoting, the rainforest is home to 5,000 kinds of plants and 500 kinds of wild animals including macaques, pangolins, wild boars, weasels and pythons, amongst which are more than 10 kinds of rare species listed as being under national protection.

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