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Qiandao Lake (Thousand-Island Lake)

Located in Chun'an County of Zhejiang Province, the Qiandao Lake is among the first 44 national scenic spots proclaimed by the State Council, and also the largest national forest park at present. It is a man-made reservoir formed during the construction of Xin'anjiang Hydropower Station in 1959.    


The Qiandao Lake National Forest Park covers a forested area of 448 square kilometers, with a forest coverage rate of 81%. The dense forests have purified the air of the surrounding areas. The water area of the Qiandao Lake amounts to 573 square kilometers and has an average depth of 34 meters and the visibility of 7 meters. As national first-class water, it is so pure that it can be drunk directly.


Embraced by green hills, the Qiandao Lake has a superexcellent entironment with numerous species of wild birds and rich resources. It has 1,786 kinds of plants and abounds in tea, mulberry, wood, and bamboo. With 87 kinds of freshwater fish in the lake, the annual volume of fish caught reaches over 4,000 tons. The lake is also famous for its fruits of four seasons, such as persimmon without fruit stone, sweet spun gold jujube, mountain walnut, dried freshwater fish, and dried wild brake tender leaves.    


The whole lake area is divided into five small parts, namely the northeast part, the southeast part, the northwest part, the southwest part and the central part. After large-scale reconstructions in recent years, the lake formed 14 scenic spots of 6 sections including the Xian Hill, the Screen Peak, the Plum Peak, the Dragon Hill, the Animal-Series, and the Stone Forest.


The Qiandao Lake has a promising future with its fascinating scenery and excellent entironment. It will become one of the world hot scenic spots along with the further improvement of traffic, exploitation of tour resources and enhancement of reputation.

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