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Star Lake in Zhaoqing

Covering an area of 8,000 mu (15 mu = 1 hectare), the Star Lake is located 4 kilometers to the north of Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province. The whole lake is divided by winding and interlaced dikes into five small lakes, namely the East Lake, the Green Lotus Lake, the Middle Lake, the Sea Wave Lake and the Inner Lake.  The Star Lake is famous for its enchanting and peculiar cliffs and caves. A group of seven limestone peaks spread along the lakeside, looking like the Big Dipper, hence the name of Seven Star Crags.

The sight of Treasures in Stone Chamber is in the Stone Chamber Cave, the earliest one opened to tourists. The cave is 2 meters high at the entrance and over 30 meters high inside, with the Water Cave as its main sight. Visitors can tour in the cave by boat. There are more than 20 stone scenes inside the cave, and over 270 pieces of carved pictures.    


On the left side of southern entrance of the Stone Chamber Cave stands a palace-style construction that leans against the mountain and faces water, which is the Water Moon Palace. A group of pavilions spread in the lake beside the palace. The middle one is an octagonal pavilion with a multi-eave roof and it is surrounded by four quadrilateral pavilions with a single-eave roof. These pavilions tie in perfectly with the Water Moon Palace. Standing on the pavilions and looking around, one will find the lake, the moon, rocks, and clouds, the earth and the heaven blend into an integral whole. This is known as the famous sight of Water, Moon, Rock, and Cloud. 


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