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Sun-Moon Lake

The Sun-Moon Lake is a most famous scenic spot among the Eight Sights in Taiwan, and the only natural lake on the island. It can match with the West Lake of Hangzhou. The Sun-Moon Lake is 740 meters above sea level and covers an area of 7.73 square kilometers, with a perimeter of 35 kilometers and an average depth of 40 meters.   


An island named Zhuzai Island lies in the lake, and is 745 meters above sea level. The Sun-Moon Lake is divided into two parts by this island, with the north part having the shape of the sun, and the south part like a crescent. Thus the lake gets its name. The Sun-Moon Lake originally consisted of two separate lakes, and later a dam was constructed in the lower reaches, pushing up the water level. As a result, the two lakes became one.     


The vast and clear Sun-Moon Lake is famous for the continuous mountains on the lakeside. Scenery changes with seasons in a year, and with times in a day. The average temperature is less than 22 C in July, while higher than 15 C in January. Since the weather here in summer is cool and pleasant, the lake is a perfect summer resort.         


To the east of the lake stands a huge mountain of more than 600 meters high. The beautiful lake and mountain make a splendid landscape. To the north of the lake, a temple named Wenwu Temple lies on the mountainside. Looking far into the distance from the temple, one can have a panoramic view of the lake. The precipitous Black Dragon Mountain is located on the south side of the lake. At the foot of the mountain are some temples, one of which is the Xuanzang Temple where the remains of the accomplished Tang monk Xuanzang are kept. On the west side of the lake, there is a peacock garden with several dozen pairs of peacocks. They can spread their tails to display their fine feathers and dance to amuse tourists. A village of Shao people is located on the southeast lakeside, and visitors can appreciate folk song and dance there.