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Zhuhai is rich in islands, many of which have been developed into summer resorts with pleasant climate, delightful natural sceneries and convenient facilities. Sunshine and heat characterize Zhuhai's subtropical monsoon climate. 90% of the total rainfall occurs from May to October. January and February are normally the coldest months with an average temperature of 14 C, and June through August the hottest with an average of 28 C. The year round average annual temperature is 22 C. and yearly sunshine of 1,600-2,500 hours, making it an ideal part of China for island resort holiday destinations


  • Dong'ao Island
Dong'ao Island's beautiful landscapes include gentle slopes, dense forests, and the clear water along its three beaches: Nansha Bay, Dazhu Bay, and Xiaozhu Bay. Nansha Bay, also known as " Diamond Beach" is the most favored of the three, with Qing Dynasty structures, like a Guanyin sculpture reputed to bring fertility to those who pray there. Visitors to the beach can enjoy surfing, scuba diving, and sailing in the cool, blue water.

How to get there: By ship from the bus station on the North bank of Xiangzhou

  • Lingding Island
Lingding Island is known for its gorgeous scenery, beautiful hills, and rare stones. Lingding Bay, Tower Bay, and Big East Bay all have fine sand and clear water sure to please all beach lovers. On a sunny day it is possible to see Qingma Bridge in nearby Hong Kong. Accommodations on the island include Lingding Hotel, Tianneng Holiday Village, and others. Visitors can enjoy the view of the astonishing from luxury submersible yachts.

How to get there: By ship from the bus station on the North bank of Xiangzhou

  • Hebao Island
Hebao Island is situated on the boundary of Huangmao Sea and the Pacific Ocean, with an area of 13 square kilometers, and a coastline of 28 kilometers. The water is calm, as there eight bays around the island perimeter, and as many as 12 beaches with fine sand and beautiful


scenery. The island is a great holiday getaway for its warm climate and long summer season.

How to get there: By bus No.205 to Zhuhai Port Then transit to Hebao Island

  • Jiuzhou Island
Just two kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of Jiuzhou Port lies the Jiuzhou Islands, a small archipelago of nine islands. The dramatic seashore features stone cliffs and numerous naturally-formed caves. From certain spots you can take in a full view of the urban centers of Zhuhai City and Macao. You can also look out over the vast South Sea. Plus this is a great place for swimming, surfing, fishing, cook outs, and hiking.
  • Qi'ao Island
Zhuhai City Qi'ao Island, situated on the west side of the mouth of Pearl River, is the first gate in the Zhujiang estuary. Spectacular natural landscapes abound here, with eight special places marked out for visitors. Take a stroll into the past at the neolithic site of Sand Hill, the Qi'ao Ancestral Temple built in the Song Dynasty, the Queen of Heaven Palace of the Ming Dynasty, the Wenchang Palace from the Qing Dynasty, and a 280-year-old banyan tree.

How to get there: Bus No.85 at Tangjia Town, Zhuhai

  • Guishan Island
Guishan Island is a bright pearl in the Lingding Sea. On the island, there are thriving businesses, tall buildings everywhere. It's famous for breeding fish in net cases, especially white carp. Also on the island, a statue of Wen Tian Xiang stands against the sea, inspiring people to think of the forces of change over centuries of history in this area; the memorial stone for the martyr of Guishan naval vessel stands tall and upright like a tower, recording the sea battle for the liberation of Wanshan Isle.

How to get there: By ship from the bus station on the north bank of Xiangzhou

  • Gaolan Island
In ancient times, it was called "Marshland Orchid". It was also a natural coastal navigation mark of the maritime Silk Road on the sea. On this island, there are rolling hills and exotic plants like cactus and thin leaf eucalyptus trees. The views of the fantastic, steep cliffs and twisting coastline will captivate you. There are seven beaches here--each unique and remote--to discover. The newly built Zhuhai Feisha International Holiday Village combines traditional and modern elements to provide special accommodations on the island.

How to get there: Bus No.204 to Nanshui Bus Station , then by bus No. 606

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