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Longyan, usually called “Minxi”, is located in the west of FujianProvince. The city consists of Xinluo District, ZhangpingCity, and Yongding, Shanghang, Wuping, Changting and LianchengCounties. It covers a land area of 19,000 square kilometers, and has a population of 2.87 million. Longyan is a rising tourism area, as well as a famous hometown for overseas Chinese and Taiwan compatriots, and the habitat for Hakka people.

Longyan enjoys rich tourism resources, which include the “Red Tour”, “Hakka Tour”, “Eco Tour” and etc. The most famous scenic spots are the World Cultural Heritage site—Fujian (Yongding) Tulou, three national class-AAAA tourism zones—Yongding Tulou, Guanzhai Mt., Longkong Cave), one national park—Guanzhai Mt., one national historic and cultural city—Changting, three national forest parks—Longyan National Forest Park, Shanghang West Putuo National Forest Park, Zhangping Tiantaishan National Forest Park, two national natural reserves—Meihua Mt., Liangye Mt., and twelve national cultural heritage sites. Among the eight top tourism areas, there are two in Longyan—Yongding Tulou, and Gutian Congress Site. These tourism resources are of wide varieties, high quality, large scale and well preserved, the characteristics of which may be summarized in three words: “amazing, mysterious, and sacred”—amazing landscapes, mysterious Hakka culture, and sacred soil.

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