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Fuzhou is located on the lower reaches of the Minjiang River along the east coast of Fujian Province on the East China Sea. Capital of Fujian Province, it is the political, economic, and cultural center of the province and an important port for foreign trade. Fuzhou??s climate is pleasant summer and winter, with blooming flowers and green trees all the year round. It got the name "city of banyans" during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), and even today, ancient banyan trees with their wide-spreading branches are everywhere to be seen in this sprawling city.

  • Drum Hill (Gushan)
  • Drum Hill is located on the northern bank of the Minjiang River in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou. The name was derived from a huge boulder in the shape of a drum at the top of the hill.

    The legend goes that the sound of drums can be heard in the caves of the hill whenever there is a storm. Drum Hill is the best-known scenic spot outside the city proper. There are more than 150 spots of historical interest and scenic beauty on the hill.

    Surging Spring Temple (Yongquansi), built more than a thousand years ago, is one of the most famous monasteries of Fujian Province.

    To the east of the temple are Source of Spirits Cave (Lingyuandong), the Water Sound Chamber (Tingshuizhai), and White Ape Gorge (Gaiyuanxia), where precipitous stone cliffs are carved with calligraphic inscriptions and Buddhist statues.

    To the west of the temple, luxuriant pines and cypresses shade the "eighteen views of Drum Hill" and White Cloud Cave (Baiyundong), and narrow paths Zigzag through the woods.

    Ever since the Song Dynasty, Drum Hill has been frequented by writers, high officials, and members of the nobility. Their inscriptions on the stones have proved a Valuable treasure for later generations. Having more stone inscriptions than any other place in the province, Drum Hill is also called the "forest of tablets in Fuzhou."

    Add: Jing'an District;

    Entry ticket: 10 yuan;

    Traffic: Bus No.s 7, 808, 815, 949, 957, and 960;

    Tel: 0593-3623041.
  • Yushan Hill  

    The best-known places of historic interest on the hill include Longevity Temple (Jiuxianguan), the Temple of Lord (Qigongsi), Dashi Hall, and the Taoist Temple of Nine Immortals (Jiuxianguan).


    The famous White Pagoda Temple (Biatasi) stands on the western slope of Yushan Hill. The octagonal white pagoda at the rear of the temple has seven levels and, at forty-one meters, is one of the tallest buildings in Fuzhou. On a sunny day, one can see the islands on the sea from the top of the pagoda. 


    • Black Stone Hill (Wushishan)

    The hill stands in the center of the city opposite Yushan Hill. Its Incense Burner Peak (Xianglufeng) is formed of unusual rocks. Its temples and pavilions, sometimes obscured by foliage, are interconnected and provide the tourist with many lookout places form which to enjoy the view.

                  Screen Hill (Pingshan)


    Rising in the north of the city, this hill in the shape of a screen is a wooded, secluded retreat. At the foot of the hill, there is the magnificent Hualin Temple. Nearby, Kaiyuan Temple is worth a visit to see its iron statue of Maitreya, which is several meters tall.



    • West Lake
      Lying at the foot of Sleeping Dragon Hill (Wolongshan) in the northwestern part of Fuzhou City, West Lake has been a scenic spot since the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

      Xin Qiji (1140-1207), a noted poet of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) described it as a beautiful girl, attractive whatever the weather. It is also called the "Small West Lake" for people compared it with the West Lake in Hangzhou.

      Three small islands in the middle of the lake (Kaihua, Xieping, and Yaojiao), the Lotus Pavilion (Heting) and Great Dream Hill (Damengshan) by the side of the lake are connected by a causeway lined with willow trees and three bridges known as Jade Belt (Yudai), Flying Rainbow (Feihong), and Walking in Clouds (Buyun).

      Surrounded by verdant trees and fragrant flowers are Leisure Hall (Wanzaitang) and Laurel Chamber (Guizhai). Rowboats are available to help tourists have an enjoyable time at West Lake.

      Entry ticket: free of charge;

      Opening hours: 5:30-22:30;

      Traffic: Bus No.s 1, 808 and 960;

      Tel: 0591-83783656.
      Yushan is in the center of the city. According to an ancient legend, the He brothers of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. - A.D. 220) had tried to concoct some pills of immortality here, and so it is also called Nine Immortals Hill (Jiu xianshan). The top of the hill, called Turtle Head Peak (Aodingfeng) because the hill is shaped like a huge turtle, provides a splendid view of the city.

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