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Liaoning City Guide
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Liaoning Travel Guide

Liaoning Province in the southern part of northeast China is bounded by the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea in the south, with a coastline 2,187 kilometers long. Situated 118"53"-125"46" east longitude and 38"43"-43"26" north latitude, it has a total area of more than 145,900 square kilometers.


Liaoning has a temperate continental monsoonal climate, with a hot, rainy summer; a long, cold winter with little snow; and a short, windy spring. It has a mean annual temperature of 6-11oC, and a mean annual precipitation of 400-1,000 mm.
Administrative Division and Population
It is divided into 14 prefecture-level cities, 17 county-level cities, 19 counties, 8 autonomous counties and 56 districts, with a population of 42.38 million as of the year 2000, mainly ethnic groups of Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, Korea, and Xibo.
Shenyang Laobian Jiaozi (a dumpling with minced pork and vegetable stuffing), smoked-pork cake, baked bear's paw (mostly not real bear's paw but substitute), hot-pot, smoked chicken, etc.
Acrobatics and the "Grand Yang Ko" dance in the form of stilt, dragon lantern, lion dance, and land boat, etc.   

Brief Introduction
Liaoning Province, Liao for short, is located on the southern part of northeast China, with Shenyang as the provincial capital. Liaoning has a history of more than 6,000 years, and it officially got the present name in 1929. Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, is the largest city in Northeast China.
As China's major base of heavy industry, Liaoning, the home of Anshan, the "Steel Capital" of China, holds an important place in iron and steel, machinery, chemicals, electric power, oil extraction and processing and sea-salt production. It is also China's leading apple producer and, its city Dalian is a nationally known fishery center. Its main agricultural crops include sorghum, corn, soybean, peanut, Chinese traditional medicine, coat, silk, southern Liaoning apple and western Liaoning pear.
As one of the opening-up coastal provinces, Liaoning also has developed sea shipping. Dalian, Yingkou and Dandong are its major ports.
Liaoning's main historical sites and scenic spots include the Shenyang Imperial Palace, Northern and Eastern Mausoleums, seaside of Lushun and Dalian, the Yalu River, Qianshan Mountain, Phoenix Mountain and Water-Cave of Benxi. The Shenyang Imperial Palace is one of the two most intact imperial architectural complexes ever existing in China, only second to the Forbidden City.

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