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Dongshan Island 1 day Tour (Free & easy)

From ¥1500

Dongshan Island – The China’s ‘Hawaii Island’ Dongshan Island is a unspoiled natural island located in the South West of Xiamen Island in Fujian Province. Dongshan Island is less than 200 km from Xiamen. It is approximately 2 hours drive between the two islands.Dongshan island is slightly bigger than Xiamen. Its average temperature in January is 13.1oc and 27.3 oc in July. Dongshan has some beach front hotels, apartments and some high class accommodation for long stay.

Dongshan is air linked by Xiamen Airport and Shantou Airport. These two airports have daily flights to some neighboring international cities such as Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

Dongshan Island has seven crescent shape beaches chained to each other to form a long stretch of beautiful sandy coastline. It is a natural holiday resort for exploration. The Wujiao Bay and the nearest forest have been declared a national coastal forest reserve by the Ministry of Forestry.

The sea around Dongshan Island is flanked by some thirty-two other smaller islands, each with its own unique features and natural attractions. The island also has several ancient relics, including the Mountain of the Nine Immortals, and the Dongshan ancient city where two famous Ming Dynasty generals, Qi Jiguan and Zheng Chenggong were based.

Natural sights and ancient relics give Dongshan the criteria for being classified as one of the ten major tourist attractions of Fujian Province. As the island continues to develop and its tourist industry is gradually taking shape, the bay area is fast developing its own distinct local seaside resort characteristic, a China’s own ‘Hawaii island’

Tour Code: XMDSD2D0N
Depart From: Xiamen
Duration: 1 days


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Day by Day Itinerary


Pick up at 08:30 a.m. and take a 3-hour drive to Dongshan, own arrangement for the rest of the day, transfer back to Xiamen at about 3:00 p.m

Tour Type:Vehicle+Driver self-guide tour
Total price:

One day: RMB 1500.00

Price includes:
Vehicle usage fees, driver's wages, gasoline fees

Price excludes:
Hotel accommodation,tour guide,meals