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Southern Thailand Tour: - Ranong


Ranong is the first southern province on the western coast, located 568 kms. from Bangkok. It is also known for the long rainy period, which lasts for 8 months each year. Ranong occupies an area of 3.298 square kilometres and is bordered by Myanmar and the Indian Ocean to the west. Within its compact area, Ranong contains various natural attractions and is blessed with unspoiled mangrove forests

The Kra Isthmus, the narrowest part of the Malayan Peninsula is Located here. Ranong is a long narrow plot of land extending 169 kms. from north to south, and only 9m kms. at its narrowest. Most of the province is rainforest mountains bordering on Chumphon to the north, Surat Thani and Phangnga to the south, Chumphon to the east and Myammar to the norhtwest.

Ranong is Thailand's least populous province and the land area is 80% forest and 67% mountains terrain. Like much of Southern Thailand west coast, its monsoon season starts from June till October and the best time to visit Ranong is between November and May for island hopping and to discover the magnificent under water world. However during the monsoon period the mountains surrenders spectacular and breath taking scenery.  

A mountainous and heavily forested province, Ranong is best known as a fishing and trading port. It was settled by the Hokkian Chinese, and their strong influence is evident in the town. Ranong town is a gateway to Myanmar, with colourful longboats ferrying produce and people across the narrow divide that separates the two countries. The traffic is even heavier these days since a casino opened at Victoria Point. The famous hot springs are just outside of town, where an arboretum and various first-class hotels cater to visitors eager to benefit from the medicinal properties of the mineral waters.

Hot Springs

The most popular attraction of Ranong is 2 kms. east of town, situated among shady surroundings which has a maintained arboretum called the Raksawarin Park. The temperature of the springs is about 65 degrees Celsius.

Wat Hat Som Paen

7 kms. along Route No. 4005, this temple is located by the Hat Som Paen Canal, which is full of fish.

Nam Tok Punyaban

This roadside waterfall is some 15 kms. before Ranong township on the Kra Buri - Ranong route. The water cascades from high cliff and makes a refreshing rest stop for motorists touring in the South.

Nam Tok Ngao

This pristine waterfall in the Khlong Pharo Nation Park is located 12 kms. south of the town. The whole stream cascades from a high mountain top and can be seen from a distance. The jungle area around the falls is home to Pu Chao Fa, a rare species of freshwater crab.

Phu Khao Ya

A vast hilly grassland, which offers refreshing scenery during the rainy season, is located 12 kms. south of Ranong town. This naturally bald area is distinct to the surroundings which are covered by thick forest.

Hat Chan Damri

Situated near Km. 8 on Route No. 4004 (Ranong - Pak Nam route) this small beach stretches to the mouth of the Kra Buri River where visitors may take a boat to travel up the river to Amphoe Kra Buri. Accommodation on the beach is available.

Ko Song or Victoria Point

A small town of Myanmar that is accessible by boat from the Ranong Landing at the mouth of the Kra Buri River. The boat trip takes only half an hour. Customs and Immigration formalities must be processed first.

Ko Phayam

This island largely covered by cashew nut plantations can be reached by boat from the Ranong Landing. On the island, there is also a pearl farm and fishing villages.

Other offshore island where visitors can enjoy fishing and diving are Ko Sin Hai and Ko Chang. A boat can be hired from the Ranong Landing.

Namtok Chum Saeng or Namtok Sai Rung

This is located in Ban Pak Chan, 80 kms. north of Ranong or 16 kms. from Amphoe Kra Buri. It is accessible by Highway No. 4 and then turn left at Km. 529-530 onto the laterite road for another 3 kms. The waterfall looks most beautiful when a colourful rainbow sometimes appears on the spray of the waterfall on a sunny day.

Tham Phra Khayang

This beautiful cave adorned with plenty of stalactites and stalagmites is located at Km. 564 on Highway No. 4, some 12 kms. north of the town. An old legend links it to the establishment of Kra Buri town.It is said that Lek Lai, a special iron element believed to be elastic and flexible like wax, has been found in this cave.

Kra Isthmus

The narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula is located approximately at Km. 545 of Highway No. 4 in Amphoe Kra Buri. There is a viewpoint overlooking the scenic landscape around the Kra Buri River, which forms the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

Namtok Bokkrai

This waterfall with many levels and pleasant surroundings is 2 kms. from the Kra Buri Market and another 13 kms. on an access road.

Laem Son National Park Travel 45 km. south of Ranong along Highway No. 4 and turn right at km. 657 for another 10 Kms to the park office. The Laem Son National park covering an area of 315 square kilometres contains many beautiful attractions. Hat Laem Son and Hat Bang Ben are two extensive beaches lined with pine trees. Hat Praphat is another beach in the park located 90 kms.south of Ranong. Visitors may take a boat from the park office to explore some offshore islands such as Ko Khangkhao, Ko Kam Tok and Ko Kam Yai. Coral abounds in the area called Him Khan Na,15 minutes by boat from the shore.

Namtok Khao Phra Narai

This is a lovely waterfall located about 3 kms. from the Kapoe District Office.