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Southern Thailand, Hatyai


Hatyai is the center of business and communication for the South. It is mere 30 kilometers far from Songkla town and, being only 60 kilometers away from Thai-Malaysian borders, Hatyai acts as the gateway to Malaysia and Singapore.

Given its lack of any historical or cultural sights, it's somewhat surprising to find that Hat Yai boasts a large number of hotels and hosts hoards of visitors each year. Many of these visitors come from Malaysia. Each weekend the town fills up with weekenders who spend much of their time in the city's many markets and restaurants.

Hat Yai Street Vendors & Hawkers Hat Yai Street Vendors & Hawkers

Despite the lack of any significant sights of its own, Hat Yai's central location, plentiful hotel rooms and wealth of transportation options make it a reasonable base from which to explore the deep south. The town does have a certain buzz, especially at night when all the tourists are out shopping.

Hat Yai - Hat Yai Street Hat Yai Tuk-Tuks

Hatyai is modern city of houses, shops and more than 70 hotels ready to welcome both Thai and foreign travelers who come mostly to shop for local and foreign product as well as to enjoy the exciting nightlife for the many nightsports in Hatyai.

Hatyai is a heaven for shopping... imported electrical appliances, clothing, luggage, fruits from temperate climates to Thai seasonal fruits. Local products, cashew nuts, dried shrimp, fish and shrimp crackers, preserved durian or souvenirs of Thailand all these things can be found in the shops of Hatyai.

Hatyai has the reputation as the entertainment and nightlife capital of the South. Hatyai nightlife features colorful and lively entertainment in such a vast array of establishments such as discotheques, nightclubs, restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail lounges, massage parlors, as well as movie. All these nightspots are favorite haunts of the foreign visitor as well as the local Thai resident.