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3-Day Tour in Changtai - Action-packed Adventure Trip


Changtai, dubbed ‘Xiamen’s backyard,’ is only a 50 minute bus ride west of Xiamen. It is a beautiful place, rich in culture, history and natural resources, and a good rafting spot, often referred to as the “No. 1 Rafting Adventure Spot in Fujian”. The mild climate allows for three harvests a year of grains, vegetables, and some of China’s best fruits in this paradise-like county.

Kayaking in Changtai

Mayang River Kayaking, the top Kayaking in Fujian

The Mayang Brook Tourist Resort is a highly recommended kayaking spot. Located in a National Forest Park at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain (天柱山), Mayang brook is 8 km long with more than 60 twisting curves and more than 70 waterfalls. A spectacular scene of mountains, valleys, rivers, streams and waterfalls stretches away on both sides of the river. Such a varied river course means that both thrilling white water adventures and leisurely raft rides are available for visitors to experience.

Mayang Brook enjoys a reputation as the top kayaking spot in Fujian and was the first place to introduce kayaking activities in the region. Since then, many kayaking competitions have taken place there such as the International Kayaking championship, the First National Kayaking championship, and China’s 9th National Athletics Championship. It is also the training base for China’s national Kayaking team.

An exciting water rafting adventure is suitable for large groups as well as individuals and takes about 3 hours. Kayaking can be done all year-round as the two reservoirs upstream guarantee a steady flow of water for the river.

Little Yellow Mountain and Longfeng Valley


7.6 kilometres in length, Longfeng Valley features several stunning waterfalls in succession on the way from Tianchi Lake to Baiyun Waterfall. The valley is long and winding, where any bend can reveal a totally new landscape.

Close to Longfeng Valley is the Little Yellow Mountain which is famous for its unspoiled forest and fantastic rock peaks. If you look at the hills in the distance, you can find that some rocks appear to be a herd of elephants walking across the mountain and coming up toward you.

Ancient Shanchong

Stone paths among Stone Houses

Stone Stupa in Shanchong Village. Also known as Wenchang Stupa, it is a scarce Buddhist architecture in the Minnan Area.

As the name implies, Shanchong (meaning “many mountains”) Village is like a small basin surrounded by hills. It's dubbed the miniature "Ukraine" for its rich natural resources and beautiful natural scenery. There are a cluster of ancient residences, which can be dated back to the reigns of Jiaqing and Tao-kuang of the Qing Dynasty. These ancient residences are built of stone and the roads, streets and lanes are all cobblestone.

The Dream Valley in Shanchong Village has a 280-meter-tall waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in Southern Fujian Province. It is also nicknamed Butterfly Valley, since there’re many butterflies living in the area.

Macchiato Flower Ocean

Zhangzhou is a center for flower nurseries, and the most cultivated plants include the daffodil and magnolia. That means not only is the land covered in a carpet of speckled white and yellow, but also the soft fragrance that they give off mingles with the many other different sweet smells of the nursery. Macchiato Ocean in Changtai, Zhangzhou attracts tourists who seek to appreciate the beauty of a variety of flowers.

Riyuegu Hotspring Resort

The hot springs resort is where the source of the springs lies. Fresh from the ground, hot spring water is piped into more than a hundred pools in the park. Within this tropical garden paradise of extraordinary beauty, you can inhale the sweet floral scents with The Bouquet, seek natural remedies in the Herbal Garden, relax on hot-spring-heated granite, or dip into one or more of the three swimming pools.

Day by Day Itinerary


Day 1
8:30 Pick up and take 1 hour drive to the Little Yellow Mountain Scenic Spot
9:40 Take adventure tour on the zip-line, rope bridge, or by climbing, etc
12:00 Have farm food for lunch
14:00 Appreciate the subtropical rain forest in the Dragon Phoenix Valley
17:30 Check in to hotel

Day 2
9:20 Kayak at Mayang Creek
12:20 Lunch
13:30 Drive to Gushanchong Scenic Spot and check in to local Inn
14:30 Bicycle through temple, visit 1000-year-old camphor tree, the Cultural Revolution Memorial Hall, the stone pagoda of Song Dynasty, the ancient folk house, etc.

Day 3
8:30 Sightseeing in Macchiato Ocean
9:40 Appreciate the 280-meter top waterfall in Southern Fujian Province
12:30 Have buffet in Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort
14:00 Enjoy hot springs
18:00 Head back to Xiamen

Price & Terms

Group Size 2 3 4 5 6
Cost per person
in RMB
4295 3296 2730 2510 2320

Valid Date: Until Dec 2017

Price includes:
1. All transfer and transportation
2. Entrance fees
3. Meal as listed
4. Local English-speaking tour guide
5. Accommodation

Price not Include:
1. Tips for guide and driver