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2-Day Tour to Pinghe Pomelo Farm & Nanjing Tulou

From ¥1085

The pomelo, a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia, is usually pale green to yellow when ripe, with sweet white (or, more rarely, pink or red) flesh and a very thick spongy rind. The fruit is highly nutritious, and even has the health function of helping clear out the lungs and intestines of gunk and junk.

Pomelo has been cultivated in China for centuries, with the Guanxi Honey Pomelo being grown for more than 500 years in Pinghe County in Fujian Province. With the start of the yearly crop of Pinghe Honey Pomelo, everyone is very busy, from farmers to packing-houses to exporters. The Pinghe Honey Pomleo season typically starts at the end of August or the beginning of September and lasts until mid-January.



Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1
8:30-12:00: Pick up at 08:30 a.m. and take a 2.5-hour drive to the pomelo farm in Pinghe. Take a guided walk on the pomelo farm and witness hills of breathtaking pomelo plants as far as the eye can see
12:00-13:30: Enjoy a hearty lunch with local-style dishes made from fresh and organic ingredients.
13:30-17:00: 1.5-hour drive to Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster located in Shangban Village, Shuyang Town. The cluster is composed primarily of four round houses plus one rectangular earthen house. It is one of the most magnificent and well-preserved hakka houses in the area.
17:00-17:30: Visit the 700-year-old Yuchanglou (裕昌楼), a leaning structure hakka house.
17:40: Transfer to Taxia village, check in to Qingde Lou, a Tulou guesthouse.
17:40-18:40: One hour leisure time.
18:40-19:40: Dinner at Qingde Lou. After dinner, enjoy a free walk in the quiet and peaceful village.

Day 2
8:30: Breakfast in Qingde Lou
9:00-10:30: Check out in the morning, visit Zhang's clan ancestral hall (张氏祠堂), which is listed among the key culture relics under national level protection.
10:30-11:30: 20-minute coach transfer to Gaotou village (高头村), visit Chengqilou (承启楼), a large circular building composed of 4 smaller circular buildings.
11:30-12:30: Have a traditional Hakka lunch.
12:30-13:30: Take a 3-hour drive back to Xiamen

Price & Terms

Group Size 2p 3p 4p 5p 6p
Cost per person in RMB 2050 1570 1325 1180


Valid Date: Until Dec 2015

Price includes:
1. All transfer and transportation
2. Entrance fees
3. Meal as listed
4. Local English-speaking tour guide
5. Accommodation

Price not Include:
1. Tips for guide and driver