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3-Day Taining Danxia Landform Tour

From ¥ 2438

ShangQingXi Stream Bamboo Rafting 上清溪漂流
Shangqingxi Stream hides in between the valleys among the mountains. It is an incised meander in the valley formed by geological movement 65 million years ago. It is about 16,500 metres long and 20 metres wide at its widest point, and the narrowest point only has enough room for two bamboo rafts to pass through. The most spectacular view here is the 60-metre high LuoXia Cliff, which is famous for its bright-red color.

DaJinHu Lake 大金湖
The DaJinHu Lake Scenic Area is the core part of the UNESCO-accredited Taining World Geopark. Covering an area of 461 square kilometres, it is rich in natural features with 72 peaks, 36 cliffs, 18 caves, 5 springs and 2 waterfalls. The major attractions here include Grand Red Cliff, Ganlu Temple, BaiShuiJi Waterfall, Linear Sky, Couple Peak and Yuanyang Lake.

ZaiXia Grand Canyon 寨下大峡谷
The deep and serene canyon is surrounded by amazing Danxia cliffs which have little caves bestrewing the surfaces. The area is like a maze with passages consisting of small and big canyons connected together. There’s a small Hakka village in the canyon where visitors can get a taste of the authentic lifestyle of Hakka people.

Minister’s Mansion 尚书第
Built in 1627, the mansion was home to a military minister during the Ming Dynasty. It is the biggest and most well-preserved residential building of the Ming Dynasty in Fujian.


Ming Qing Museum 明清园

Yuhua Cave 玉华洞
The cave has more than 180 underground scenic spots which are formed by lime rocks. "Immortal's Field", "Alchemical Furnace", "Litchi Pillar", "Dragon Coming out from Sea" and “Child Kowtowing to Guanyin”, are various shapes of lime rocks that show the visitors wonderful views in the cave.

Day by Day Itinerary


Day 1
1) Pick up at 07:30 a.m.
2) 7:30 -13:00 A five and a half-hour drive to Taining.
3) 13:00-14:00 Lunch at local restaurant.
4) 14:00-17:00 Bamboo rafting at ShangQingXi Stream (上清溪漂流)
5) 17:00-18:00 Stroll around the Taining Ancient Town (泰宁古城)
6) 18:00 Check in hotel, dinner at local restaurant

Day 2
1) 8:30 Breakfast
2) 9:00 - 11:30 Visit ZaiXia Grand Canyon (寨下大峡谷), 2 hours of sightseeing
3) 11:30-13:00 Lunch at local restaurant
4) 13:00-17:30 Half-hour drive to DaJinHu Lake scenic area(大金湖). 4 hours of sightseeing in DaJinHu Lake
5) 17:30-19:00 Dinner at local restaurant

1) 8:30 Breakfast
2) 9:00-11:00 Ming Qing Museum (明清园), 1.5 hours of sightseeing
3) 11:00 - 12:00 Lunch at local restaurant
4) 12:00 - 15:30 1.5 hour drive to Yuhua cave (玉华洞), 2 hours of sightseeing
5) 15:30 – 21:00 A five and a half-hour drive back to Xiamen

Price & Terms

Group Size 2p 3p 4p 5p
Cost per person in RMB 3980 3345 2703 2438

 Valid Date: Until Dec 2017


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1. All transfer and transportation ( 7 seater private mpv or bigger car, depend on how many people )
2. Entrance fees 
3. Meals as listed
4. Local English-speaking tour guide
5. Accommodation 

Price not Include:
1. Tips for guide and driver