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Shishi Monastery 2 day 1 night Tour

From ¥ 780

 Surrounded on three sides by water, Yongning Town (永宁) faces the Taiwan Strait to the east, Mount Baoshan (宝盖山) to the west, and the town of Shenhu and Shenhu Bay (深沪湾) to the south.

The historical town is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, with an over 600-year-old acropolis and some very well-preserved ancient streets. During the Ming Dynasty, Wako (Japanese pirates) often raided the coastal cities of China. In 1562, a big group of Wako broke the city wall of Yongning and perpetrated a massacre against the local residents. Much of the population was decimated and “nine out of ten families were gone” after the tragedy. Some of the local people who survived the massacre then fled overseas, with a number of them going to Taiwan.

400 years later, descendents of these fleeing people still regard Yongning as their hometown and always come back to seek their roots and worship their ancestors, making it a popular tourist destination. The town is also rich in natural resources and cultural diversity, attracting tourists within China as well as from overseas.

1. Huiyuan Zen Buddhism Monastery
With a lot of overseas investment, this is Shishi’s biggest monastery, properly the biggest monastery of its kind in Fujian. The temple is located in Guokeng, a quiet Muslim village which features local south-Fujian style houses and Islamic buildings.

2. Guanyinshan in Yongning, Shishi
Jagged rocks of grotesque shapes decorate the low hills. There are trenches, fort barbettes and bomb shelters on the hills, reminding visitors of the frontline position of the area during the civil war. An unspoiled beach lays next to Guanyinshan, offering stunning views of the Taiwan Strait.

3. Gusao Pagoda
The elegant 800-year-old pagoda is in fact a navigational mark for local fishing boats. Visitors can get a bird's-eye view of the beautiful town from the pagoda.

4. Chenghuangmiao in Yongning
Almost every ancient city in China has a Chenghuangmiao temple, and Yongning is no exception. Overseas people from Yongning have built a lot of sister temples of it in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma.

5. Yongning Village of Stone


6. Ancient Stone Walls

7. Shishi Textile Centre
With an investment of RMB 1 billion, the large-scale textile complex covers an area of 740,000 square meters. It consists of 5 functional zones, which are the cloth trading zone, exhibition zone, leisure plaza, logistics distribution center and supporting service zone. The annual Straits Textile and Clothing Fair has been held here for 15 years. Currently there are about 1.000 shops within the market.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1:
8:30am Depart Xiamen
10:30am Arrive at Shishi Monastery and check in
11:00am Tea ceremony
12:30pm Vegetarian lunch prepared by the monastery
2:30pm Visit Gusao Pagoda
4:00pm Visit Hoganbin Village
5:30pm Dinner at the monastery
7:00pm Getting to know the meaning of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and
Zen tea ceremony
10pm – 11pm Bed time

Day 2:
4am Monastery ritual (for those who want to be cleansed)
8am Breakfast
8:45am Walk around the huge complex and the outdoor sights around the temple
10:30am Visit Shishi ancient village of stones
12noon Lunch at the village
4:30pm Leave Shishi
6pm Arrive back in Xiamen

Price & Terms

Group Size 4p 5p 6p
Cost per person in RMB 985 860 780

Costs include:
• Transportation x 2 days (Xiamen-Shishi-Xiamen)
• Tour guide x 2 days (Shishi English speaking guide)
• Accommodation (inside monastery) x 1 night
• Breakfast included in the accommodation
• Zen tea ceremony
• Dinner x 1/lunch x 2