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Eco tour – Zhangzhou Folk House & Yumberry Farm One Day Tour

From ¥ 430

Folk House Group in Daimei Village

Surrounded by water on its four sides, this is the biggest ancient residential dwelling group in Fujian with over 200 traditional folk houses built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The houses are typical Minnan (south Fujian)-style houses, featuring one-story buildings, red tile leaning roofs and wooden windows and doors.

Travelling through the authentic Minnan village, characterised by neat rows of houses, straight alleys, flowering trees and clean water, you will witness a lifestyle that hasn't changed in generations.

Yumberry Farm in Fugong Town

The yumberry, also known as a red bayberry, is a subtropical fruit native to Asian countries such as China. This reddish fruit with a juicy, slightly acidic flavor is rich in vitamin C and contains multiple organic acids. Their texture is unique -- slightly stringy like the flesh of citrus fruit -- with a pit in the center.

The yumberries in Fugong Town are sweeter and bigger in size, making Fugong win the reputation of “No.1 Yumberry Town in Fujian”.


Day by Day Itinerary

 8:30 Depart Xiamen
10:30 Arrive at Daimei Village in Zhangzhou
10:30-12:30 Visit the folk house group
12:30 Drive to yumberry farm in Fugong Town
13:00 Lunch at local restaurant
14:00 Yumberry picking at the farm
16:30-17:30 Back to Xiamen

Price & Terms

Group Size
2P 3P 4P 5P
Cost per person in RMB 850 610 500 430

Valid Date: Until Dec 2017

Price includes:
1. All transfers and city transportation with private vehicles
2. English speaking tour guide
3. Entrance fees
4. Lunch at local restaurant

Price does not include:
Tips for guides and drivers