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The secret of Guizhou’s Geosuture, a deep geological valley in China

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Guizhou province is a beautiful place with abundant tourist resources. In addition to the province’s famous tourist attractions—including Huangguoshu Scenic Spot, Fanjing Mountain, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, Danxia Valley, and the Site of the Zunyi Conference—a wonderful but little-known attraction, the China Geosuture Scenic Area (中国大地缝景区), has been discovered and developed since only a few years ago.




The China Geosuture Scenic Area, formerly known as the Youtongxi Geosuture (油桐溪大地缝), is located in an ecologically intact virgin forest called the Kuankuoshui Virgin Forest in Kuankuo town, Suiyang County, Guizhou Province.




The China Geosuture is a typical geologic fissure. The geosuture is about 27 kilometers in length and 4 to 6 meters in width. The canyon the fissure creates is deep, with a crystal-clear stream flowing through it. The scenery along the geosuture is beautiful, making it an ideal place for sightseeing, outdoor hiking, and adventure in a cool, shady environment.







There are abundant rare animals and plants in the China Geosuture. Animals that can be found here include the Francois’ leaf monkey, golden pheasants, flying squirrels, and much more. Rare plants in the area include davidia involucrata (or Chinese dove trees), yaccas, and Chinese yew. Precious Chinese medicines also grow here including gastrodia elata, eucommia, and cortex phellodendri.



Surrounding tourist attractions: the Great Rift Valley, the Panorama of Youtong Creek, Moon Bay, Mangwang Cave, Dishui River Drifting, Mati Creek, and the Francois' Leaf Monkey Habitat.

Five-day tour to Guizhou province
(Huangguoshu scenic spot, Site of the Zunyi Conference, China Geosuture, Hailongtun)

Day 1: Arrive in Guiyang City by train or by plane

Travel to Guiyang by train or by plane. When you arrive at the train station/airport of Guiyang, there will be an employee waiting there to pick you up and take you to a hotel in the center of Guiyang City for check in. After check in, rest at the hotel or go out for a walk. Stay overnight in Guiyang.

Day 2: Anshun City sightseeing: Huangguoshu scenic spot

After breakfast, take a bus to the 5-A level scenic spot, Huangguoshu Scenic Spot, in Anshun City. When you arrive at the Huangguoshu scenic spot, change to a green car in the scenic area and spend more than one hour visiting the Tianxingqiao scenic area (天星桥景区) and another half hour or more visiting the Doupotang Waterfall (陡坡塘瀑布). After visiting those two scenic areas, spend more than two hours visiting the wonderful Huangguoshu Waterfall. The Huangguoshu Waterfall is 101 meters in width and 77.8 meters in height. The waterfall can be viewed from six different vantage points: top, bottom, front, back, left, and right. There’s a cave hidden behind the waterfall. After sightseeing, stay overnight in Guiyang.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Note: The escalator at the scenic area is an optional self-financed item.

Day 3: Site of the Zunyi Conference

After breakfast, take a bus to visit an important "Chinese Revolutionary Holy Land" — the Site of the Zunyi Conference (time for sightseeing here is at least two hours). The site of the Zunyi Conference is located at No. 80, Hongqi Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi City. From January 15 to 17, 1935, the Zunyi Conference was held here. That meeting established a new central leadership group represented by Mao Zedong. Drive for about 1.5 hours to visit Loushanguan (娄山关). (Time for sightseeing is more than 1.5 hours.) Loushanguan is also known as Taipingguan (太平关). It is the main peak of the Dalou Mountains. After sightseeing, stay overnight in Suiyang County.

Meals included:Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 4: China Geosuture Scenic Area

After breakfast, take a bus to visit the China Geosuture Scenic Area. After sightseeing, stay overnight in Zunyi City.

Meals included: Lunch and dinner.

Day 5: Hailongtun and Guiyang airport drop-off

After breakfast, take a bus to Hailongtun. Hailongtun is located at the top of Longyan Mountain in Zunyi City, about 28 kilometers away from the northwest of old Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. Hailongtun became a provincial protected cultural relic in 1982. In 2001, it became a national key protected cultural relic. On July 4, 2015, it was added to the World Heritage List at the 39th World Heritage Conference.

Your tour guide and driver will drop you off at the Guiyang airport or train station either in the evening after the day’s tour, or the next day (drop-off time depends on the schedule of your flight or train), marking the end of tour services.

Meals included: Lunch and dinner


Prices include:
1. Transport in Guizhou province
2. Hotel expenses
3. Local English tour guide
4. Entrance tickets
5. Meals mentioned above

Prices exclude

1. Escalator at the Huangguoshu Scenic Spot
2. Train / plane fare