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Tea tour to Wuyishan

Fujian is the principal province for tea production. Its yearly tea production is tops among other provinces in China. The major tea production areas in Fujian are in South and North Fujian. As we all know, the key production centre in south Fujian is Anxi of Quanzhou, and in the north of Fujian, it is Wuyishan. 

Wuyishan, which is famous for its World Heritage Site, Wuyi Mountain, is not only an international leisure tourist city, but also a town of tea, which has gained world fame.



Statues at Wuyishan Tea Expo show tea culture to the tourists


1) Rich in tea species
Wuyishan is rich in tea species and especially famous for its black tea and oolong tea. Due to the mild climate and proper geography for tea growth, Wuyishan tea is reputed as the king of teas. The tea, with faint scent, tastes a little bitter and sweet. Many celebrities including Queen Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard of Holland,Thailand Lord High Chancellor Meechai Ruchuphan and Hong Kong Chief Executiveare Donald Tsang paid visits to Wuyishan and were impressed by its tea. Its famous black tea brands are Da Hong Pao and Jin Jun Mei.


2) A town of tea culture and art
The tea production in Wuyishan can be dated back to 478AD. A thousand years history makes a profound tea culture in Wuyishan. There are numerous poems, stories and books created by scholars and authors in the ancient times and today.


Wuyishan is the only city renowned as the " the town of tea culture and art " in China. In 2006, the production process of Wuyishan black tea (Da Hong Pao) was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage and lots of tea institutions and research centres were set up here.


3) Tea with world fame



Famous black tea brands: Da Hong Pao (left) and Jin Jun Mei (right)

As recorded, Europeans first knew Wuyishan tea in 16th century, and Wuyishan tea began to be exported abroad in 17th century. Wuyishan oolong tea was the first tea exported to European countries. Bohea ( sounds like pinyi, Wuyi ) was considered as Chinese tea in the early times.


In recent years, tea tourism to Wuyishan has become increasingly popular in China. Tea farms and gardens have turned to hot spots in Wuyishan. Various tea events and activities are held every year like the Wuyishan Tea Festival and the Cross-Straits Tea Expo.



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